Learning lessons for India

Learning lessons for IndiaLearning lessons for India

The series of explosions in churches and hotels on an auspicious Easter Sunday across Sri Lanka by suicide bombers linked to a Muslim organisation...

The series of explosions in churches and hotels on an auspicious Easter Sunday across Sri Lanka by suicide bombers linked to a Muslim organisation Jamaat claiming 290 innocent lives while leaving more than 500 critically injured has shaken the conscience of the world badly. As the brutal attack is a well- planned one after a thorough recce of the places in Colombo by the local Muslim organisation known as Jammat, still one is unable to comprehend the real motive behind the dastardly attack.

However, as the brutal attack could not have been carried by the local Jamaat without the active assistance of global terror Islamist outfit, a thorough probe to get to the bottom is imperative to unravel the truth. However, what is more disappointing is the failure of the government to take preventive measures to thwart the nefarious designs of the perpetrators despite intelligence alerting the government about the impending disaster. Further it is even more distressing to note that more such attacks are planned in the near future at different places across various countries.

A clear reminder once again to Sri Lankan government to keep close vigil at the activities of religious fundamentalists to nab men planning to disturb peace and tranquillity in the island nation which after liquidation of LTTE in 2009 has largely remained peaceful with no terror strikes taking place.

Although Indian High Commission office in Sri Lanka on the hit list fortunately missed the target, it is not end all be all because there is possibility of terror strikes surfacing again. Needless to say that as the modus operandi of the perpetrators is clear that Islamist terrorists not only wanted to bleed India but also rest of the world, India must take the lead and with other world leaders take decisive action to prevent catastrophe instead of just condemning and doing nothing.

-K.R.Srinivasan, Secunderabad


The ghastly terrorist attack claiming 300 human lives in Sri Lanka has sent tremors down the spine to one and all.Sri Lanka, which is presently debt ridden and politically unstable will have to face an additional challenge in the form of terrorism.

That the prime minister saying that he was not kept in loop, regarding alerts of intelligence wings on likely terrorist attacks shows the lack of coordination among governmental agencies there. The price has been proven heavy for it for taking the terrorism lightly. No country can afford to pay less attention on impending dangers. India should learn from the tragedy of a good neighbour.

-Dr D V G Sankararao, Nellimarla

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