Modi should provide good governance

Modi should provide good governance

This has reference to your editorial on ‘New challenges in store for Modi’ (May 31).

This has reference to your editorial on 'New challenges in store for Modi' (May 31). As you have said it is true too many expectations rests on the shoulders of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Agriculture should get top priority of the government since the BJP has promised to double the farmer's income by 2022.

The country is also facing an unprecedented drought. Also, housing for all and jobs cry for his immediate attention.

The economy is to be put back on the rails. It has to take on board all the stakeholders and satisfy their needs and wants. Above all the national security. Pakistan is developing its arms potential.

China is also staring at us. We should be doubly vigilant. Furthermore, the motormouths in the ruling party should be asked strictly to keep their mouths shut without causing any disrepute to the government.

Also, it should keep the Urban Naxals, social activists and the 'award wapsi' team at a distance.

The local terror, anti-national and separatists outfits should be dealt with severely without showing any leniency. Good governance is what people desire. So, give us good governance.

N R Ramachandran, Chennai

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