MyVoice: Views of our readers 10th July 2024

MyVoice: Views of our readers 5th March 2023

MyVoice: Views of our readers 5th March 2023


Views of our readers

Shadow PM does justice as LoP

Prime Minister Narendra Modi failed to visit Manipur which is burning since more than one and half years, he was supposed to take one day or two days of his time to go to Manipur and listen to the people of Manipur. But PM took his time to visit Russia where as “Shadow PM” Rahul Gandhi, the Leader of Opposition (LoP), has won the hearts of people by visiting Manipur listening to the pain of people of Manipur, he went to Hathras to console the stampede victims, he visited Assam which is in floods and he even took time to listen the grievances of Loco pilots who are suffering because of excess hours of duty, due to shortage of Loco pilots in Indian Railways.

Zeeshan, Kazipet


After every election win or otherwise, Rahul would often not be seen in India. For a change this time around surprisingly stayed back and not only attended Parliament sessions, but has been visiting states under the opposition party. Even before elections, he has been to Manipur and even started his second leg yatra from Manipur and also addressed election meetings. He has again gone to Manipur meeting with victims of ethnic violence. In none of his visits he or his party took any steps to bring the two groups and find what each group wanted from the government in Delhi. He could have then presented the same to the central government. However, it is sad that the PM who was able to spare nearly forty minutes with Cricketers who came back with the world cup has failed to bring about peace in Manipur except that in Rajya Sabha, he spoke on Manipur with remarks that we should not play politics and collectively find a solution. But until now he hasn’t made an effort to lead an all party visit to Manipur to show solidarity with the people.

N Nagarjan, Hyderabad

Sensible way of utilising CSR funds

It is an appreciable move on the part of the honourable health minister of Telangana to ask pharma companies to utilise their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) funds toward improving facilities for patients, biomedical waste disposal, sanitation etc. in Osmania and Gandhi hospitals. CSR funds can be used for construction of new Osmania General Hospital and towards cost of treatment for poor patients like heart valve replacement, total knee replacement, kidney and liver transplant etc. Donations can be obtained from general public towards construction of new building and donor’s name can be mentioned say on the lift or room etc. Income tax exemption can be given to encourage donations.

Dr O Prasada Rao, Hyderabad

SC’s observations on NEET issue holds ground

The observation of the Supreme court as regards ‘ leakage of NEET-UG 2024 question papers is absolutely correct as it involves literally life and death of around 23 lakh students who prepared seriously for the exams expecting a positive result. The apex court has validly inferred that the quantity of damage, area of the damage and likely impact on other students throughout the country are to be taken into account before taking an extreme decision of ‘cancellation’ of the exam. It has rightly advised the NTA and the central government to come out of ‘the false prestige’ and find out all the

lapses that have happened using commonsense and law. At the same time, it is also surprising as to why the CBI could not submit a ‘basic status report’ and so do the governmental appointed committee to the apex court.

It is high time that the NTA and the central government disclose all real details to the court so that the Supreme Sourt can take a prompt decision to safeguard the interests of the NEET concept involving lakhs of students throughout the country.

Katuru Durga Prasad Rao, Hyderabad


Re-NEET is the best option left for the Centre to tide over the fall out of paper leak and irregularities. The Centre has been trying to avoid re-NEET for reasons best known to itself, even though glaring malpractices were detected during the course of investigation which led to some arrests. It appears that the Centre is shielding some “heads” at the cost of its own credibility. It is not correct to think that paper leakage was localised in these days of fast communication. All those involved in the “mess” would have made a fast buck by spreading their ‘net’! I, therefore, am for holding NEET-UG all over the country once again.

Govardhana Myneedu, Vijayawada

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