MyVoice: Views of our readers 10th September 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 18th October 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 18th October 2021


MyVoice: Views of our readers 10th September 2021

Constant redesign of education

Inaugurating a 10-day conclave, 'Shikshak Parv,' Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasised that "the teaching-learning process has to be constantly redefined and redesigned to make the education sector in the country world-class," and urged the private sector to help improve quality in government schools (The Hans India, September 8, 2021).

He suggested donors, corporate social responsibility (CSR) contributions, and volunteering activities as part of the initiatives. One of the most important initiatives is the 'performance,' not just high marks in examinations, but the Olympian trait of 'excellence,' stated briefly: DOING ONE'S BEST.

This is a learnt attribute and private sector/CSR can impart this knowledge through continuous training at different levels both in learning and teaching , creating a synergy. When we identified five core "skills" or "tools" of excellence, viz,.

self-esteem, enthusiasm, humility, positive attitude, and communication skills (all the four, reading, writing, speaking, listening), and wrote to Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, who had in 2002 become President of India, he at once appreciated our idea of core skills and termed it as ESSENCE OF KNOWLEDGE ACQUISITION (ECKA).

"Our country needs a massive support of the private sector in improving the quality of education through ECKA and similar programmes of enhancing human skills side by side with academics. "

Prof B R Sant, Hyderabad

Win-win situation

The T-20 World Cup team was announced and we are all looking forward to a brighter cup experience this timer. Virat Kohli has been doing well in the present tour of England but he could not win single ICC sponsored tournaments so far and that was pinching Indian cricket fans for a very long time.

As a matter of fact, we failed to win a major tournament since the year 2011 after achieving a World cup win under Dhoni. In a move to revamp the team and bring in new faces the selection of the team was somewhat innovative.

With Thalaiva as the mentor, BCCI makes Dhoni something different from India's T-20 squad. But the biggest of the surprises was bringing in senior spinner Ravichandran Ashwin in the squad for the T-20 World Cup.

He is a master spinner with his maturity and good for troubling left handed batsmen of the opposition.

C K Subramaniam, Mumbai

Say no to PoP idols

We should immerse only the clay idols in water and not the idols made of hazardous materials like Plaster of Paris (POP) and other harmful chemicals. Clay idols have the following merits: They will easily dissolve in water because they are made up of mud, which is environmentally friendly and will not cause water pollution.

Idols made up of clay will not use any dyes and colours. These colours when dissolved in water will cause harmful chemical contaminations. Clay idols don't require any artificial decorations and additional steel structures.

Idols made up of clay come in less height, so they will not cause any electrical accidents during transportation. Ganesha Chaturthi is a festival of wisdom, prosperity and auspiciousness. Let us maintain the auspiciousness of this festival by saying no to POP.

Vasavi Raju Barde, Nagpur

A wake-up call

"Tough action required to tackle monsoon havoc" (September 9) is a repetitive warning to governments during incessant and excessive rains as in previous year and again editorially reminded the needed steps to be taken on priority to protect especially the low-lying dwellers.

Almost all roads are damaged and these are to be relaid qualitatively afresh instead of going for repairs.

Through columns of newspapers, readers are bringing to the notice of departments concerned and local elected representatives to arrange for desiltation of chocked and stinking drainages and installation of garbage wells duly fogging periodically to prevent breeding of harming insects.

But sadly, no importance is evinced on public health by the authorised the officials concerned. Hope THI's editorial will wake them up from deep slumber.

Dr NSR Murthy, Secunderabad.

Leaders welcoming Taliban govt shocking

This refers to the write-up 'Find a way to stop export of terror from Afghanistan,' by Robinder Sachdev.

The terror government that came to be established in Afghanistan, under the Taliban rule as an interim government in Afghanistan is a serious cause of concern for countries like India, as Pakistan has been the prime player in this connection in transplanting a home-grown terror entity thriving in the country to be replanted in Afghanistan, caring two hoots for the FATF strictures against Pakistan, which already is in the grey list for all kinds of terror related activities for funding the jihadi Islamist organisation operating in the country.

India's concerns are no small in this regard as fringe group Islamists in India are emboldened by the developments in Afghanistan to see the trend as a positive move towards Islamisation of the world.

The comments by Mehbooba Mufti and Farooq Abdulla welcoming the developments as positive signs of sharia in Afghanistan are very much worrying.

K R Venkata Narasimhan, Madurai

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