MyVoice: Views of our readers 17th August 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 19th September 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 19th September 2021


Our honourable Chief Justice of India seems to be a media-savvy and a media friendly person

CJI should set his house in order first

Our honourable Chief Justice of India seems to be a media-savvy and a media friendly person. He is getting great coverage for his statements almost daily. Today, he expressed regret at the present functioning of the Parliament. The degenerate present is apparently so different from the once great golden past when the Parliament was full of lawyers. Only lawyers and judges fill the judicial system, so why is the latter in such a mess? The huge backlog of cases, the frequent vacations, justice almost always delayed, the corruption, the selective justice to people based on their positions, the overenthusiastic judicial activism, and such, hardly paint a pleasant picture of our judiciary.

Can the honourable justices do something about the rot in their own house before addressing the rest of the country at frequent intervals? Judicial activism is good; a strong judiciary is a pillar of democracy. But do our concerned judges realise that most citizens of the country fear the judicial system rather than feel protected by it? It would be appreciable if collectively our judges and the courts (filled exclusively with lawyers, I am sure) start overhauling the entire system to be citizen friendly and deliver justice effectively. The country needs urgently to get back its confidence in the judicial system rather than looking at it with utter fear and disdain.

Dr Pingali Gopal, Warangal

The observations of the Chief Justice of India that there is a ' sorry state of affairs ' amongst the law making parliamentarians in the country is very serious in nature as it reveals in a nutshell as to how the county is moving in the present days. It is high time that the MPs shed their politics and work for betterment of the citizens of the country irrespective of whether they have majority support or minority support in parliament. All the parties are to be made to discuss and decide various bills in a time bound schedule and the ruling party should be more open in allowing the opposition to put forth their points freely and frankly while debating the issues. Unfortunately in our country, unless there is accountability things would not move peacefully and MPs should be made accountable for their behaviour irrespective of whether they are from the ruling party or opposition parties.

Katuru Durga Prasad Rao, Hyderabad

Provide job opportunities soon

Unemployment is the major issue all over the world. Some countries are striving very hard to diminish the rate of unemployment in their countries and some others have utterly failed to stop the increasing rate of unemployment because of the lack of good education, increase in population and slow economic growth etc .India is strangled by this issue which couldn't be resolved by any government over the past few years.

Moreover, when it comes to Telugu states, the governments are having deaf ears towards the woes of an unemployed. Many job aspirants have been preparing rigorously without days and nights for years by paying large amounts to coaching centres and monthly hires to hostels, rooms and etc which was unbearable to pay for poor families. But they were suddenly agitated by the job calendar which AP Government has released recently.

A job calendar with incompetent jobs perturbed every unemployed person. They started protests and rising their voice against the Government. They had been severely beaten up by police for doing protests and some of them succumbed to injuries. The depressed aspirants ended up their life by thinking over financial issues which they did for their preparation.

As an unemployed my appeal for two Telugu State governments is to give the green signal for recruitments for Police, Groups and other aspirants as early as possible and stop deaths of unemployed youth around the state.

Subbaiah Vankaraju, Badvel

Right 'Indian Idol'

I vaguely knew that there existed an Indian Idol programme from Sony TV but when I accidentally stumbled upon this channel over a month ago, this boy from Uttarakhand was singing and he along with other singers acted as a powerful magnet that made me glued to the TV set since then till after midnight of August 15th.

This 12th session of Indian Idol must have been the most challenging to the judges but it appeared it did so for all those who voted but when it came to selecting the best, the voters judged prudently and the right person Pawandeep Rajan emerged as the Indian Idol.

I expected Shanmugha Priya to be at least at the third place and she set the stage on fire when ever she took it. Full of energy and drive and the force with which her parents kept supporting will one day put on her on top of not only India but the entire world.

All the finalists have already been booked and it is hoped that Sony continues this episodes for years to go to let the people know what talent is. One cannot ignore all the unsung heroes behind the popularity and success of this programme like the music, stage, make up and last but not the least the most lovable anchor Aditya Narayan, son of Udit Narayan.

D Nagarjuna, Hyderabad

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