MyVoice: Views of our readers 18th August 2020

MyVoice: Views of our readers 18th August 2020

This is with reference to the report ‘Biden vows to back India (Aug17)

Indo-American ties will bestronger post US polls

This is with reference to the report 'Biden vows to back India (Aug17). Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden expressed his support for India in any confrontation between India and Pak. He said, if elected, his administration would stand with India against the threats New Delhi facing with its neighbouring country and vowed to strengthening bond between the US and India. Elections for president in the US will held on November 3 and former VP Biden is giving tough competition to Republican nominee and current President Donald Trump. I hope with a new President after the elections, the US will cement ties with India deeply.

Sanjana Soni, Hyderabad

End of an era in Indian cricket

Former cricket captain MS Dhoni's announcement of retirement on Saturday from international cricket came as a bolt from the blue and has stumped the cricket fans. In fact, Dhoni was the most dashing wicketkeeper batsman and the best finisher of the game in pressure situations. These qualities marked his destined rise to the top captain of Indian cricket team. Dhoni's most enduring legacy is that he won all the ICC trophies. He also took India to the top of the Test rankings for the first ever time. He was the world's best wicketkeeper and most destructive batsman. His "helicopter shot" will be remembered as one of the India's best limited overs match, perhaps the best. He was the master of chases, but his flamboyance is founded on an inexplicably cool and calculated mind. After taking over Test captaincy from Anil Kumble, he took the team to the pinnacle of Test championships that established him as India's best captain in a long time. Dhoni's exit marks the end of an era for Indian cricket. Unlike a couple of his celebrated contemporaries, Dhoni was always a team player. The interests on the team were paramount to him. Dhoni redefined the concept of the limited-overs match winner. At his peak, he was relentless in his quest for victory and strong-shouldered both as wicketkeeper and batsman. Such is Dhoni, a leader par excellence in cricket. Now Indian cricket has years to discuss the secrets of Dhoni's longevity and the impeccable legacy he leaves behind. His cool demeanour and unorthodox brilliance paved the way for some of Indian cricket's memorable moments.

Kodihalli S Rao, Shreenagar, Thane, Maharashtra

Move to dismantle PSUs exposes BJP's evil designs

The stakeholders in Coal India Limited, the workers, have been vehemently opposing the opening of the sector to private players. They went on a 3-day strike in July and today they are on a nationwide strike. Their demands are in the national interest. They oppose privatisation of Coal India Limited (CIL) and rightly demand to withdraw the commercial coal mining in 41 coal blocks that may fetch Rs 33,000 crore to the government exchequer. The NDA government's greed didn't stop here. It wants to further reduce its stake from 66% to 51% in Coal India Limited (CIL) there by offloading its 15% stake for Rs 12,000 crore. The government following its predecessor government more religiously, stands firmly with the corporates in providing tax concessions. It is unwilling to divulge names of big defaulters to banks, leave alone recovering from them. So, whatever may be the noble declarations by the Union Minister, the government is hellbent to mobilise 2.01 lakh crores through disinvestment of public sector companies from CIL to LIC. This is more of an ideological effort by the ruling elite on time tested PSUs in India. Only a deeper and wider public resistance can counter this. The Central government leaving no stone unturned to dismantle the PSUs even during the worst humanitarian crisis like Covid-19, speaks volumes about the masters they are compelled to serve and not the people to whom they are accountable to.

A Raghunatha Reddy, Raghavendra Township, Kadapa, AP

India has nothing to do with Kamala Harris

The Vice-Presidential candidate for Democratic Party in the US carries an Indian first name and her mother is of Indian origin. This cannot be the reason why we should rejoice her candidature. She is not an Indian and is not obliged to take pro Indian stand during elections or afterwards as that will not give her any political mileage. Her stand on Kashmir and China may or may not be favourable to us and she may not support Indians in the matter of Visa. Like any other US Head of State, diplomacy from our side only can help and in any case in the US administration, it is the President who is all powerful. Hence let Indians not rush to celebrate so soon.

M Raghuraman, Chandivali, Mumbai

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