MyVoice: Views of our readers 28th July 2021

Views of our readers 18th August 2021

Views of our readers 18th August 2021


The edit, ‘Raise your words, not your voice,’ (27 July) was timely when Parliament is crippled over some important issues like new farm law and snooping.

Timely editorial

The edit, 'Raise your words, not your voice,' (27 July) was timely when Parliament is crippled over some important issues like new farm law and snooping. While one should respect the concern shown by RS Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu, he seems to have forgotten two senior leaders from his former party. Not allowing Parliament to function is also a form of democracy like any other form: Sushma Swaraj. By disrupting parliament, we have given out a message to the country: Arun Jaitely. The fact of the matter is BJP has more experience being in opposition and disruption of parliament on various occasions. Sadly, they are now tasting their own medicine. However, even then and now it's the people who are facing the heat when the members are unable to raise issues on behalf common voters. On more than one occasion, BJP while in opposition always claimed it was the party in power to take the responsibility of running the parliament.

S Natarajan, Hyderabad

Only talk, no action, on sports

Above 90 per cent of private and corporate schools and most of the government schools in Telangana allot only one sports period per week in their timetable for students. But we expect hundreds of medals in Olympics and other international events. When it comes to government schools, in Telangana above ninety percent of schools have no PETs. Moreover, in most of the private and government schools there are no playgrounds. If we want to be on par with the countries like America, Australia, China etc., govts must sanction a PET post in primary and high schools and instruct private schools to recruit PETs. Govts must also issues orders to schools to allocate an hour per day for games and sports in schools timetable. Making available sufficient sports material is another essential thing.

K Manoj Kumar, Huzurabad

Rank populism in Telangana

The announcement of politically motivated schemes like Dalita Bandhu has come as a bolt from the blue to the people already concerned over the fragile state of Telangana economy. The government ought to concentrate on education, public health, employment and good living standards as we expected during the Telangana movement. There is a Chinese saying which goes like this...' give a man a fish and you feed him a day but teach him to fish and you feed him a life time.' It's high time that we recalled this and rejected such unscientific schemes for a better society.

T Santhosh Kumar, Yellandu

BSY exits with a heavy heart

BS Yediyurappa must have set some kind of a record by being sworn in as Chief Minister four times without completing his term even once. It was obvious that he went out with a heavy heart, no doubt at the behest of the High Command of the BJP. It would be interesting to see who succeeds him among the many contenders. The Congress and JDS may be sensing an opportunity to reclaim power which was seized from them by engineering defections. Earlier we had HD Kumaraswamy weeping and now it is BSY who is doing it. Something in the politics of Bangalore breeds sentimentality.

Anthony Henriques, Mumbai

Judiciary must wake up

I find a number of politicians against whom FIRs have been registered or are charge-sheeted are roaming around, even attending to their legislative and parliamentary duties. Everyone of them have been able to flaunt their muscle power, money power and political influences with their ill-gotten wealth. An ordinary citizen is terribly scared and runs from pillar to post to save himself from any punitive action losing all his savings in the process in spite of being honest and straight. Is this gross anomaly due to flaws in our judicial system? Or is it due to either incompetent or deliberately indifferent investigative process? The judiciary also responds by postponing hearings. How come the higher echelons of judiciary are turning a blind eye to the situation?

J Kannan, Hyderabad

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