MyVoice: Views of our readers 31st August 2020

MyVoice: Views of our readers 17th August 2020

MyVoice: Views of our readers 17th August 2020


About one third of the UP Cabinet has tested positive for coronavirus so far, and it is a big sign of worry for everyone

Covid-19 takes unforeseen proportions

About one third of the UP Cabinet has tested positive for coronavirus so far, and it is a big sign of worry for everyone. Two Cabinet Ministers Chetan Chauhan and Kamal Rani Varun have already died of Covid-19. The total number of cases stand at 3.10 lakh and number of deaths from Covid-19 are 3,400. Irrespective of the nature of lockdown, we will not be able to contain the spread of virus, so we need vaccine as soon as possible.

Jyoti Dhakad, Kannur

We have to take care of ourselves

As we all know, the lockdown phase has become the period to unlock. And unlock 4.0 is going to start from September 1. Even though corona positive cases are not reducing, the authorities are resorting to ease norms. The cases are actually increasing day by day. We have to feel happy that in our country death rate is low when compared to other countries. In India, the total positive cases were 34,63,973. And death cases were 62,550. These 34,63,973 were only identified. But they might be more positive cases which are not identified.

Some people do not tell that they got corona positive neither they didn't go to hospital. And they will spread it over. In spite of all these, the government gave permission for the Metro trains to start from September 7. The government also gave permission to conduct meetings with 100 members. Tomorrow it will give permission to conduct public meetings. So, there are more chances for the coronavirus to spread further. So now it is our duty to take care the health ourselves. And we have to feel relieved that the government didn't give permission to open cinema theatres and parks. And also, there is no permission to international passengers. If we take care of ourselves and our family, we can contain the spread of coronavirus. We should step out of home only if it is very necessary. At that time also we have to follow social distancing. After coming home, we have to take bath. So, if we take these types of precautions, we can save our lives.

TVS Suchitra, Khammam.

Chances of reinfection are high

''Get vaccinated'' is the key advice from the Hong Kong man who contracted coronavirus twice, in what has been termed as the world's first documented case of re-infection. The findings of the study conducted on him confirms that immunity to the virus may not be long-lasting and underline the importance of having an annual Covid-19 vaccine to boost immunity, even for people who had previously caught the virus. This virus is very smart, it keeps on mutating. So that means even though you recovered from a natural infection, you still need vaccination, need a mask, and keep your social distancing. Of late, two cases of Covid-19 re-infection have been detected in Telangana even after RT-PCR tests were done twice and the medical professionals had tested positive, they are asymptomatic. Might be they are re-infected after getting exposed to a different strain of the virus.

Despite tall claims of the government, 12,04,343 Covid-19 tests conducted so far, and mortality rate considerably was brought down, cases are multiplying with 1,17,415 cases registered and 799 dead. Unfortunately, assurance testing is losing its weigh against 'RAT', number of tests showing a considerable amount of false negatives, depending on the type of test one takes and how early he/she takes it. And, while someone may test negative today, there is no guarantee they will not test positive in the next test as the existing medication is temporary break-down of the virus in the absence of right drug. Dr Fauci, the chief medical advisor to US president Trump has rightly opined, "We would hope that nothing interferes with the full demonstration that a vaccine is safe and effective."

Seetharam Basaani, Hanamkonda

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