MyVoice: Views of our readers 6th February 2024

MyVoice: Views of our readers 22nd July 2024

MyVoice: Views of our readers 22nd July 2024


The grand old party government in Telangana, I am afraid, is a spendthrift, carelessly doling out money from royal treasury to the rich politicians and mega rich actors

Revanth govt proving a squanderer

The grand old party government in Telangana, I am afraid, is a spendthrift, carelessly doling out money from royal treasury to the rich politicians and mega rich actors. (TS government honours Padma awardees, 5 Jan). This is highly objectionable. Honouring the Padma awardees by the state government is appreciable. But giving them financial blessings of Rs 25 lakh is foolish .The government is duty-bound to spend the public money for poor only. Not for these stalwarts who earn lakhs every day. Hope wisdom prevails on the Congress government in Telangana.

P H Hema Sagar, Secunderabad

Suicides by stressed students tragic

In an appalling incident, another JEE aspirant somewhere from Rajasthan committed the extreme. Aspirants taking lives stress under the stress of JEE examination should shock nation’s conscience. It is time for experts to respond in the right direction to find immediate alternatives to prevent these tragic deaths. On the other hand, parents and institutions should come up with proper action plans to instil confidence among the students to address any challenge with courage. Students should be able to take failure as a lesson and continue their journey towards the fulfillment of their goal. Career counselling should be made part of school education.

Raju Kolluru, Kakinada

True women empowerment elusive

The law enacted for 33% reservation for women in state assemblies and Parliament has been a step in the right direction to encourage them to play their role in political arena. But a mockery should not be made of the good intentions of lawmakers who framed the policy to encourage women to contribute their bit to public life. We have sadly witnessed at panchayats and municipalities when oftentimes the ladies elected are rendered powerless; their effective role is factually unlawfully played by spouse, brother and even relatives. The woman candidates must be selected and elected on their own merit, not as a front for others to run the show. This defeats the very purpose of reserving seats for women, which is meant for ensuring their empowerment.

Jayanthy Subramaniam, Mumbai

Carping Cong should be shown its place

Sub: Editorial - Pettish quibbling over exalted honour for LK. (Feb 05). The editorial called out the pettish and irrational politics being played out by the Congress for conferring Bharat Ratna on L K Advani. There cannot be any two views in this regard. L K Advani is a patriotic Indian, who helped the BJP reach the present status in the country - unlike a majority of Congressmen, who unfailingly identified their own men and women for the top honour of the country, conveniently forgetting numerous others who truly deserved the honour. Now, another silly question by the Congress is why the BJP waited for nine years to confer the Bharat Ratna on Advani. The fault-finding mentality of the Congress on each and everything about the country and great personalities deserves to be dumped by the wayside as a nuisance, and extreme hindrance for the country.

S Lakshmi, Hyderabad


It is a matter of great pride that L K Advani has been conferred the Bharat Ratna, our country’s highest Civilian honour. The award has come at the most opportune time. The patriarch of BJP has been the chief architect of the party along with Deen Dayal Upadhyay and Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Joining the RSS as a 14-year-old Sevak, Advani’s life has been one of selfless sacrifice, served with integrity, and a journey dedicated to Indian politics and democracy. With just 2 seats in Parliament, the number rose to 82 and we saw the NDA Alliance come to power under the leadership of A B Vajpayee. He is instrumental in shaping the future of BJP and making it a strong political force.

Uma, Hyderabad


Advani through a powerful ideological response to the ‘secularists’ changed the political discourse accusing Congress and opposition at large of following “pseudo-secularism” and “minorityism” for the sake of votes. This not only brought a sea-change in the outlook of many sections of people but also elicited good support from them. The government conferred the country’s highest civilian honour Bharat Ratna on the stalwart L K Advani for not only tirelessly working to change the political discourse dominated by Congress but also playing a major role in turning BJP into a major political force so as to get democracy out of one party’s grasp. All in all, it is an honour for a person who strove hard to uphold the ideals and principles throughout his life in dedicating his selfless service to the beloved country.

K R Srinivasan, Secunderabad

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