MyVoice: Views of our readers 9th February 2020

MyVoice: Views of our readers 17th March 2021

MyVoice: Views of our readers 17th March 2021


Arrogance versus democracy The statement of CM KCR that he is going to be the CM for 10 years need not be accorded any value. It can be brushed off as...

Arrogance versus democracy

The statement of CM KCR that he is going to be the CM for 10 years need not be accorded any value. It can be brushed off as ranting of a politician who wants to cling to power for ever. Of late there had been growing noise in the party to make his son KTR as CM. could this have happened without the blessings of the father and the son? May be, they want the seed to be planted in the minds of party men and people on political heritage and it is done successfully.

However, our Constitution provides a tenure of 5 years only for any government and then their fate is decided by electorate. Such statements by CM undermine democracy. Of course, KCR is not an exception to this general political phobia. BJP leaders keep saying about being in power for next 25 years.

The YSRCP leaders speak as if they will remain in power eternally. Chandrababu Naidu always had far longer visions of 2025, 2050 and so on, but only failed to visualise his own displacement by an upsurge against him. This kind of over confidence breeds complacency, arrogance, inefficiency and finally the fall. Better if these politicians concentrate on the job on hand rather than building castles in distant future.

Vinay Bhushan B, Hyderabad

RSS and unsung heroes

I read in the newspapers that the Governor of TS, in her interview, said that she was inclined to RSS just because when she called for four units of blood to save a patient as a Doctor, ten RSS volunteers turned up. Of course, those were the days of difficulty in procuring blood and slack or rather deplorable collection standards which got international standards, thanks to HIV/AIDS. Let me say that when I was in a situation as hers to save a critical patient in a dependable Mission hospital in a rural setting, I raised three units of blood, one from the referring local doctor, one from patient's mother and lastly but not the least from me. Ideology must be universally acclaimed while RSS lacks such universal standards, not to demean any such help to humanity but what about unsung heroes whose blood saves lives and remain anonymous since their cause is universal.

Dr T Ramadas, Visakhapatnam

Today VSP, tomorrow Singareni?

Ever since Narendra Modi has become the Prime Minister he has become the definition of the disturbance to the public of this country. Before the farmers demand for withdrawal of Farm Laws was attended to, he targeted Visakha Steel. Why is Modi and his team so anti- people?

All the decisions are proving to be hasty and causing so much discomfort to the common people. Starting with sudden announcement of demonetisation till the equally sudden announcement of lock down of the country.

The country has witnessed the inexpressible agony of the migrant labourers due to sudden lockdown. Already the country is anxious about striking farmers in this hard climate for so long and instead solving the issue of farmers, the cruelty of the central government once again proved with the idea of privatisation of Vizag Steel.

It is time all the southern states must be united to fight against the privatisation of Vizag Steel factory. If we Telugu states keep quiet, the next in queue could be Singareni. Let us fight unanimously and prove that India is a democratic and socialist country.

Thummapudi Bharathi, Tirupati

Indo-Americans shine in USA

As part of broader plan to combat ethnocentrism reigning America, , the new president, Joe Biden, identified self as an antagonist of "racism, xenophobia and intolerance" against the country's Asian American and Pacific Islander community and has appointed around 20 Indo-Americans ,among others in key posts.

Joe Biden has appointed at least 13 women, to key positions in his administration, a new record in itself for this small ethnic community that constitutes one per cent of the country's population. It is also for the first time ever that so many Indian-Americans have been roped into a presidential administration ever before the inauguration. Biden is still quite far away from filling all the positions in his administration. It's highly rejoicing to note that trusting Indian talents, the President has appointed nuclear scientist Bhavya Lal to a highly sensitive post as NASA acting chief of staff which has a leadership role.

The dedication that the Indian-American community has shown to public service over the years has been recognised in a big way by Biden rewarding them creditably. Indians, thereby, have earned an acclaimed place in American history.

Seetharam Basaani, Hanamkonda

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