Save nature to save mankind

Save nature to save mankindSave nature to save mankind

The entire world is yearning for peace today. All around the world, in every country, there is some kind of conflict or the other. Not a single day...

The entire world is yearning for peace today. All around the world, in every country, there is some kind of conflict or the other. Not a single day passes without hearing the news about war, terrorism, racial conflict or natural disasters. To find a permanent solution, we should find real reasons behind them first.

In recent times, we have seen innumerable natural disasters all around the world and they continue to hit the countries with repeated short intervals. Anything can happen any time, nature is fast losing its balance and harmony. A major reason for this is man's selfishness as the mankind is overstepping its limits in exploiting nature.

We live our lives completely disregarding and uncaring for future generations. But our ancestors were not like this. They had the integrity to give back to the nature that provided them with everything they needed. they used natural resourced thriftily making sure they left enough for posterity and also soon restore whatever they take.

People should protect the nature and realise that they are part of nature. Our body is made up of the basic five elements that are there in the nature. Any disturbance to the outside nature will invariably affect the human beings. If the attitude of indiscriminately exploiting nature continues to prevail, before long, it will become the cause of the human destruction.

Living in harmony with nature was the reason behind the prosperity of the past. Our religious scriptures symbolically speak of the earth as a cow and milking of her various resources sparingly. Be that as it may, we must bear in mind that the cow is milked only after its calf has drunk enough milk. In the past, cows were loved and protected like mothers. Today, we must learn to see mother earth in the same way but what is happening is the opposite.

Nature and humanity are mutually dependent. For building houses and other purposes, people cut trees, however, we should not resort to deforestation or the extinction of species because of our greed. Nowadays, the rampant smuggling activities pertaining to the timber especially red sandal wood is well-known.

The man literally encroached forest areas in the name of development and infrastructure building, caring two hoots for the animals live there causing deforestation. The man may take what he needs from the nature, but he must also ensure that by doing so, he does not disturb the ecological balance of nature. We should not be apathetic to the tragedies, cultivating the attitude of 'none of my business'.

For instance, if the lower floor of a multistoried complex catches fire, it's not mine, let them put it out themselves, why should I meddle in something that is none of my business. Is this attitude correct? If the fire is not brought under control and doused, it will soon spread to the higher floors as well. Similarly, what would be someone else's problem today may turn out to be our problem tomorrow. The longer we delay in the waking up and orient action, the faster our future will sink in to darkness.

If we do not think in depth and act responsibly on war footing, these problems will only escalate. Man will lose even the little peace and happiness he has now. So, perform good actions, cultivate morality and ethics and worship God. The nature is God's visible form, realising this truth, learn to respect each other and live in harmony with nature or else we only bequeath cremation grounds for our progeny.

-Rama Krishna M, Kakinada

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