Which should be the national animal - Tiger or cow?

Which should be the national animal - Tiger or cow?

Which should be the national animal - Tiger or cow?


The Hans India readers speak out their mind

It's a welcome decision. Declaring cow as national animal is a welcoming decision and banning cow slaughters is also a good thing. However, some political parties, especially BJP, and some other communal forces are trying to get political mileage out of this.

P Ramesh, Transport operator

There should be no second thought in declaring cow as our national animal. I request all political parties to join hands with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in taking a quick step for passing the resolution in the Parliament to declare cow as the national animal.

T Sree Hari Rao, advocate, Lawyers' Colony, Chittoor

The sacred animal, cow, is a part of Hindu dharma and without the presence of cow, no auspicious programme is conducted. National animal status to divine animal is the need of the hour and at the same time, the government should ban cow slaughtering. A nationwide programme is also needed in this regard.

Pantham Kondala Rao, chairman, Pantham Satyanarayana Charitable Trust

Everyone will welcome if the government accords national animal status to the cow, because it occupies a prominent place in our epics and also in our spiritual texts. A movement is needed to protect cow and to get national status to it.

Prasadula Haranadh, chairman, Gowthami Co-operative Super Bazaar

Because cow has universal recognition as domestic animal, it deserves the national animal status. Irrespective of caste, creed, community and region, one should support the proposed move. All the Hindus should unitedly exert pressure on the Central government for according the national animal status to the sacred cow.

T Udaya Kumar, Secretary, District Libraries, Chittoor

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