Record 8.34 lakh cases settled in Lok Adalat

Karnataka High Court

High Court of Karnataka


120 couples reunited, 42-year-old Karwar case closed

Bengaluru: Senior High Court Justice B Veerappa, who is also the executive chairman of the Karnataka State Legal Services Authority, said that a record total of 8,34,620 cases were disposed of in the Rashtriya Lok Adalat held across the state.

This time 1,380 matrimonial cases were settled and 120 couples were united. Justice B Veerappa said that the property division case pending for 42 years in Karwar has been settled and this is a national record. On August 13, a total of 1009 Baithaks were conducted across the state and a total of 8,34,620 cases including 1,53,024 pending trial and 6,81,596 before litigation were disposed of through compromise.

Around 94,446 pre-litigation cases like change of account, issue of identity card and pension etc. have been disposed of in revenue department. Another 95,756 electricity bill arrears case have been settled, Rs 13,58,15,559 and 78,716 water bill arrears case have been disposed of and Rs 13,86,19,435 crore has been collected and given. 77 cases in Karnataka RTI Commission have been settled. 136 pending cases in the Consumer Commission have been settled and a total of Rs 3,01,34,406 has been directed to be paid.

Notably, 1,380 matrimonial dispute cases were settled and 120 couples were united. 27 couples who had applied for divorce in Mysuru and 12 couples from Bengaluru have been merged.

42-year-old case settled

This time Rashtriya Adalat is special in settling the property partition case pending for 42 years in the Second Additional District Court of Karwar. After conducting Adalat and quickly settling cases which is an advantage to the clients, some lawyers, vested interests including RTI activists are spreading slander that petty cases and traffic challan cases are not allowed to be settled in Adalat. Those who have doubts about which case will be settled in Lok Adalat can contact Legal Services Authority. Poor clients will suffer due to slander. Therefore, information will be collected about those involved in slander and action will be taken.

Traffic fine of Rs 14 crore collected

66 lakh cases of traffic challan (violation of traffic rules) pending for collection of 1,000 crore rupees have not been disposed of. As requested by the police, 2,46,890 cases of violation of traffic rules were settled and Rs 14,35,10,566 were collected.

7,670 cases settled in compromise

A total of 7,670 cases were settled by civil courts

2,967 motor vehicle claim cases settled, Rs 125,47,35,879 compensation paid

7,178 cases related to NI Act have been settled and compensation of Rs 266,75,12,358 has been given.

80 cases pending in Real Estate Regulatory Authority and Real Estate Appellate Tribunal were disposed of and compensation of Rs 48,40,000 was paid.

8,571 cases related to loans received from banks were settled through conciliation and a total of Rs 25,08,33,360 was recovered.

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