Doctors urges citizens to seek medical help

Doctors urges citizens to seek medical help

Doctors urges citizens to seek medical help 


Asks not to adopt a regional attitude and block oxygen supplies

Hyderabad: Dr Surendra Goud Lingala, BJP State Medical Cell convener and Chairman Woodlands Hospitals on Sunday appealed to people to shun laxity and seek timely medical advice, "for their safety and safety of others." Dr Surendra said, that a team of doctors have come together voluntarily to extend their services to the people as they have done in the first wave of Covid-19, making themselves available for free medical consultation.

Against the backdrop of the more severe second wave, he asked people to take precautions and to visit doctors even for mild Covid-19 symptoms. He further said that the initial states in first week of developing Covid-19 positive symptoms are easy to treat. But, the feedback from the doctors indicates that several patients are turning up at the hospitals only when the Covid-19 affects their lungs. "We need ventilators, Oxygen and Remidivisir injection only in the severe cases. But at the initial stages when the corona symptoms including those like skin discolouration, body pains, motions etc are witnessed treatment is easy. Provided, if the people take necessary medication in the first week itself and it can be managed 99 percent," he added. He said the problem is getting aggravated when people are not taking care of themselves. He suggested self-lockdown and maintaining social distancing, and using sanitiser. He advised to avoid wearing cloth masks and prefer surgical masks and normal N-95 mask, as cloth masks alone cannot prevent from getting contacted with the virus.

Asking people to get vaccinated he said, "People develop immunity 15 days after the second dose of vaccination. The herd immunity would help in preventing the Covid-19 spread. He asked all those who are of above 18 years of age to get vaccinated ones the vaccination drive is launched from May 1.

Meanwhile, he asked to shun blocking oxygen supplies in the name of region and area. When hospitals are finding it difficult to get oxygen, it is only some distributors who are providing it to save lives. But, "one of the distributors informed me that the vehicles were stopped while it was carrying oxygen cylinders from Andhra Pradesh to Telangana. We need to shun such an attitude in the fight against Covid-19 to save lives," he pointed out. He appealed not to resort to hoarding oxygen cylinders at a time when the lives of others are at risk.

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