Hyderabad: App-based workers, drivers demand health safety

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  • Raise their health related issues on Twitter
  • No support being provided from the State government or app-based companies
  • The companies have given up their responsibility to ensure the safety of their drivers and delivery workers, they complain

Hyderabad: Vexed with no support from the State government and app based companies, few app-based workers have taken up their health safety issue on twitter and requested the concern officials to take the responsibility of their health and safety.

Drivers and delivery workers of app-based companies are one among the frontline workers who are been delivering all the essentials and transportation to the citizen but once again due to the outbreak of third wave are they are experiencing devastating impact.

They alleged that the app based companies claimed that they are providing health insurance to their workers but in reality no support is being provided from the State government or the companies. Even with the outbreak of the new variant with the ease of restrictions on movement, app-based companies have started their operations again, but they have abandoned their responsibility to ensure the safety of their drivers and delivery workers.

The companies have simply asked their drivers and delivery workers to follow the Covid guidelines as they get back to work. Workers have question that who will take their responsibilities.

"Once again with the increase of Covid cases in the city concerned has been raised who will take responsible of app based workers, as once again many are been affected with Covid but neither the State government nor the companies are bothered about their health . It would be better if the companies provide proper and adequate personal protective equipment (PPE), sanitisers, disinfectants, for all drivers and delivery partners. Also, the companies should conduct Covid- 19 tests for drivers and delivery workers every 15 days. If any of the workers tests positive the cost of treatment should be borne by the company and compensate the workers for the loss of pay but nothing has been implemented till date, said Shaik Salauddin, State president, Telangana Gig and platform workers Union (TGPWU).

"As we are been called as frontline workers but when we are infected. No support is provided. I have been infected with the virus and under quarantine, who will look after my family," said Raju, a delivery boy.

"They are many delivery boys and drivers who have been infected with Covid but no one is bothered about our health. As our demands are universal and common for all the app - based workers working in various cities of India. Also it will better if the State government issues proper guidelines to police and other administrative agencies on the permission available for the cab aggregators and delivery companies to operate so that the drivers and delivery partners are not being harassed on the streets as they can continue to do their job," said Abdul, a cab driver.

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