Hyderabad: Keeping away Covid in natural way

Keeping away Covid in natural way

Keeping away Covid in natural way


Treating hundreds of patients in a natural way, Nature Cure Hospital in Begumpet has turned into a new home for peaceful healing from corona virus. Dr S Bhavani, Superintendent, Nature Cure Hospital, Begumpet, in a special interview with Vasavi Kaleru shares some beneficial tips for corona virus prevention to be practiced at home.


During the first wave of Covid, Nature Cure Hospital had provided institutional isolation. Is it being continued during the second wave?

Yes, the Nature Cure Hospital continues to provide institutional isolation along with treatment for corona virus patients. Currently, we have 280 beds exclusively for Covid patients.

Anytime patients can come and join for a peaceful treatment. Here we also provide counselling for patients, along with implementation of a well-planned regular schedule which includes activities like meditation, mild exercises and proper diet.

What kind of diet do you suggest for maintaining mental strength and building immunity levels for normal persons and for those who are under home quarantine?

First, Covid patients must avoid milk products after 6 pm, oily food should be controlled. Patients should have food only for half of their stomach so that the pressure on lungs will be reduced. This will help in the levels of oxygens remaining normal.

They should take good food which builds immunity like a variety of fresh and unprocessed foods every day to get the vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre, protein and antioxidants which the body needs but quantity should not be high.

Everyone must have 4 litres of water per day among which 3 litres of water in normal temperature and 1 litre of luke warm water. Having 4 litres of hot water is not good.

How does herbal tea help in maintaining oxygen levels? Is there any scientific evidence to prove it?

Herbal tea is the best medicine for all kinds of illness. All the spices which we use in the kitchen are used in making herbal tea. Spices elevate oxygen levels. They have the capacity to emulsify the fat.

Emulsification of fats is also a critical part of digestion, once the digestion process is clean and clear the oxygen depletion will be automatically controlled that's how the level of oxygen will be balanced.

Scientific evidence also suggests that herbal treatment helps in respiratory related illness. We can add the spices available at home and warm it up adding jaggery and with 4 to 5 curry leaves with jeera. This herbal tea will clear bowls and prevent oxygen depletion.

What exercises would you suggest so that people can protect themselves from Covid-19?

Breathing exercises are the best during this pandemic. Going to parks for breathing exercises should be avoided.

Stay home and do breathing exercises. They can also do mild yogaasanas which do not put pressure on lungs along with meditation for 15 minutes. This will help in building mental strength.

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