Hyderabad: Snakes not sinister, help save them says Snake Society

Snakes not sinister, help save them says Snake Society

Snakes not sinister, help save them says Snake Society


It's just another animal out for food, shelter, a mate, etc. They live to help you, in fact

The sight of slack long bodies slithering through your mind or in plain sight, most will tie themselves up in deadly knots, and make dash for safety. They would not mind killing at first instance, if they can.

However, unlike in the past, snakes are not perishing at the hand of man. It is not people are not scared of them or love them. They seem to be sparing a thought for their utility in cycle of life and are increasingly caring for them.

Attacking it is not a first option, it appears. Out of fear of their fangs with deadly toxic venoms, it has been long held that "A Good Snake Is A Dead Snake." Persistent campaigns by NGOs like Friends of Snake Society (FOSS), denizens of twin cities are gradually inclined to a humane perspective about these slithering creatures.

FOSS volunteers are kindling an appreciation in the public about the healthy role of snakes in entire eco system. They are slowly gaining in changing public perception from one of freezing fear to fascination - it's just another animal out for food, shelter, a mate, etc.

Results are showing up. According to Friends of Snake Society (FOSS), the number of killing of snakes has reduced due to the awareness it has raised for the last five years. It received around 200 calls on a daily basis last year, and 8,935 snakes were rescued in State. Of them, the capital city accounted for around 8,000 rescues.

Avinash Visvanathan , General Secretary of Friends of Snakes Society, says: "For the past 1995 our NGO is into rescuing the snakes and as the years passed, poaching and killing of snakes has declined.

In 2012 we rescued nearly 3,000 snakes and over the years the number of rescued snakes increased, especially in Hyderabad. Where there is an active rescue base, killings have fallen as people have a choice to kill or let them live."

FOSS set up a snake rescue center at Bowrampet last year with the assistance of Telangana forest department. Rescued snakes are kept over a week and then there are relocated to various forests across the State. At present there are around 60 snakes in the rescue center. Among the rescued in the city, most are spectacled cobra and rat snakes.

"Every year we conduct around 300 awareness campaigns at the zoo park. We also assist the forest department in anti-poaching activities. Around 150 volunteers are associated with the NGO in rescuing the snakes," adds Avinash. Why kill a snake that kills pests like rats and rodents, critters…

Call them if you find one on 83742 33366.

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