Hyderabad: Man Arrested for Cheating Using Electronic Device for Airmen Recruitment Exam

(Picture used for representational purpose only)

(Picture used for representational purpose only)


  • A youth was taken into police custody for copying using electronic device
  • Vigilant invigilators make his plans fail

Hyderabad: A 19 year, youth, who was preparing for government job exams, wanted an easy way out, hence he Googled to find out, for an easy way, he found an Hitech way to copy in exams, using an electronic device, which would help his plan carry out successfully and nobody would find out.

He thought, with the help of the device designed by him, he could easily receive answers through the receiver fixed in his ear, but he was caught, and taken into police custody,

The individual has completed intermediate, presently he was aspiring for airman's job, hence he filed the application for the above post.

As the exams were conducted online, he felt he would clear the exam successfully with the help of electronic device specifically designed for the above purpose. He thought his friends in Haryana, would help him with right answers and through the receiver, he could get the answers. All well planned, on Saturday, he reached Hyderabad.

On Sunday, he went to NEZ examination center, invigilators checked each candidate before letting them inside the examination hall, but cleverly he hid the device, invigilators could not find anything suspicious and let him in.

The examination was going on, the invigilators found something fishy in CCTV, as the activities of the youth, looked somehow suspicious, and again they checked thoroughly, this time they found the receiver in his ears and other connected devices was hidden in banyan.

They informed the police and the saroor nagar police visited the examination center and took the youth into police custody.

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