NEP: Chances to study Indian contribution to fields of knowledge

Chinna Jeeyar Swami

Chinna Jeeyar Swami 


Ramanuja was not only a social and spiritual reformer but also espoused the cause of living in harmony with nature

Hyderabad: Sri Tridandi Sreemannarayana Ramanuja Chinna Jeeyar Swami said that the New Education Policy (NEP) provides ample opportunities to revisit and reclaim the knowledge and traditions of Rishis like Bhardwaj, and others like Bhaskaracharaya, Varahamihira etc.

Addressing media here on Monday, ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to unveil the 'Statue of Equality of Ramanujacharaya, he said Ramanujacharya had brought in several reforms in the social and spiritual ecosystem in the country 1000 years ago to espouse the cause of equality among all human beings and with all other living beings in nature.

After 16th century, the foreign rulers to promote their divide and rule policy created differences between religions, caste, creed and sex. Unfortunately, the same continued even after independence. Now people and times are changing. China Jeeyar swamy said that Ramanuja's contribution was not limited to bringing people together to live in harmony and peace alone.

He had contributed to the empowerment of women, protecting water conservation, compassion towards other living beings- and sent a message, that "Madhava Seva" is meant to serve all living beings as the service to god and live in co-existence. This message is more relevant now. Just as the world is trying to find vaccines for the COVID, so also, there is a need to find vaccines for treating the inner-ailments.

At present people are riddled with egoism (Ahamkara) leading to aggression or belittling the fellow beings, other communities and religions to claim a kind of exclusivity. Addressing these issues, Ramanuja had prescribed a vaccine for bringing transformation from within. Asking people to live in the reality of the world and to treat everyone as a personification of 'Narayana" (the supreme being). He had propagated to sink their differences and to live in harmony. The 1000th birth anniversary of Sri Ramanuja would help in revival of spreading his message of equality, he said.

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