Secunderabad Cantonment Board residents demand 20,000 litre free water scheme

Secunderabad Cantonment Board residents demand 20,000 litre free water scheme

Secunderabad Cantonment Board residents demand 20,000 litre free water scheme


They are peeved over neglect of their long-pending water scarcity issues


Secunderabad: With in days of Minister K Taraka Ramarao launching 20,000 litre free water scheme for the GHMC area, residents of Secunderabad Cantonment Board (SCB) are increasingly demanding that both the Central and State government reach out a formula to extend the scheme to SCB areas as well. According to residents, for the past several years they have been facing acute water shortage.

Also, water bills are high compared to GHMC. If the scheme gets implemented it would benefit, especially the marginalised communities."Why is it that always residents of SCB are neglected and why such differentiation, despite living in the same city?," question locals. Several residential associations and slum-dwellers have submitted representations seeking the scheme in SCB limits to local MLA G Sayanna.

"It is always the residents of SCB who are at the receiving end, while those who live in GHMC area enjoy benefit. For the past many years, we have been facing water issues. If the scheme gets implemented in SCB, it would benefit slum-dwellers, who are paying Rs 240 every month, while residents are paying Rs 450," said M Ashok of Laxminagar.

"As SCB has one of the biggest slums, like Rasoolpura, if the scheme is extended, it would benefit thousands of residents," said M Srinivas, CPI(M) secretary."In 2018 water charges were hiked from Rs 320 to Rs 450 for SCB residents. Yet, the supply is once a week that too with low pressure. The State government should take initiative to give free water to SCB residents also. Why is the Central government is never bothered about the country's largest Cantonment? At least now, it should think of SCB residents and start the scheme as soon as possible," said T Satish Gupta, a social worker from Vasavinagar. Meanwhile, authorities are hopeful of striking a deal and trying to explore all possibilities in this endeavour.

"We are in talks with the State government regarding implementation of the free water scheme in SCB. Also talks with officials are in progress. If it is implemented in SCB limits, up to 90 per cent families would benefit," said Maheshwar Reddy, SCB Vice-president.

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