Bhongir: Outrage over producing protesting farmers in court handcuffed

Arrested farmers brought to court with handcuffs in Bhongir on Tuesday

Arrested farmers brought to court with handcuffs in Bhongir on Tuesday


  • Govt’s behavior unfair and insult to the farming community who provide food to society, says MP Venkat Reddy
  • Are the farmers terrorists, rapists, bandits or extremists, asks BJP leader Gudur Narayana Reddy

Bhongir: The Opposition parties have strongly condemned handcuffing the arrested farmers who were agitating against snatching of their land for the regional ring road project.

In a shocking turn of events, the farmers of Raigiri village, who had confronted with Minister Jagdish Reddy demanding justice for the loss of their land due to RRR project, were produced before the Bhongir court this Tuesday after the completion of their judicial remand.

The sight of these four displaced farmers handcuffed, left the villagers in a state of fury.

They strongly condemned the government’s actions and expressed their disgust towards the behavior of both the government and the police.

The police had filed non-bailable cases against six farmers, claiming that two of them were on the run. Initially, four farmers were incarcerated in Bhongir jail, but due to opposition party leaders’ solidarity and visit to the jail, they were later transferred to Nalgonda Jail.

The victim farmers decided to challenge the non-bailable cases against them by filing a petition in court. Consequently, they were brought before the Bhuvanagiri court, as the 14-day remand period came to an end.

The court, recognising the plight of the farmers, granted them bail. However, the police clarified that they would be taken back to Nalgonda jail from the Bhongir court and subsequently released on bail.

Meanwhile, Bhongir MP Komatireddy Venkat Reddy voiced his indignation at the manner in which the displaced farmers were brought to court, their hands in cuffs. He condemned the forceful acquisition of land, particularly from weaker sections and Dalits, under the pretext of land acquisition. He lamented that instead of targeting government-owned land, the authorities are encroaching upon the small plots owned by small and marginal farmers.

The farmers of Bhongir, Rayagiri, and neighboring villages are already grappling with the anguish of losing the land they had inherited from their ancestors. Despite their peaceful protests and sit-ins, some farmers were unfairly arrested and imprisoned under non-bailable charges, he explained.

Expressing his deep sadness, Komatireddy Venkat Reddy questioned the actions of the government and demanded answers from Chief Minister KCR.

Expressing dismay, BJP leader Gudur Narayana Reddy said, “Are the farmers terrorists, rapists, bandits or extremists? What is the reason behind bringing them to the court with hand cuffs? Is it the way the government treats the farmers?” he wanted to know.

He said that his heart has melted seeing the farmers with handcuffs. He said that tears have flown from his eyes when the farmers were escorted into the court with handcuffs.

He said that the farmers and their families would not pardon the government for this dictatorial attitude. They would send him packing in the coming days. Chief Minister K Chandrasekhara Rao would be taught a strong lesson. The CM would be brought to book.

Handcuffing the farmers who provide food to society is not only unjust but also a disgraceful insult to the hardworking farmers of the State, the leaders said.

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