BRS, BJP did nothing for minorities: Javeed

Senior minority leader of Congress party for Khammam City President, Md Javeed speaking to media on Monday

Senior minority leader of Congress party for Khammam City President, Md Javeed speaking to media on Monday


  • City Cong president alleges 12% reservation for Muslims not implemented
  • Cites failure to protect Waqf lands; claims BRS govt cheated Muslims

Khammam: In a scathing critique of the BJP and BRS ruling in recent years, Khammam City Congress Party President and Senior Minority Leader, Mohammed Javeed, asserted that both parties never offered tangible benefits to the poor and minority communities during their tenure. Addressing a press conference on Monday, Javeed expressed disappointment with the perceived discrimination against Muslim minorities under the BRS government.

He recounted the sacrifices made by Muslims during the Telangana movement. Moreover, he accused the ruling government of neglecting the economic, social, and political development of the Muslim minority, emphasising the support lent by Sonia Gandhi to establish Telangana. Javeed, backed by 18 Muslim minority organisations and associations, criticised the KCR government for alleged harassment of Muslim youth.

The Congress Minority leader further alleged that the promised 12 percent reservation for Muslims was not implemented, and the previously established reservation was reduced under the BRS regime. Citing the failure to protect Waqf lands, Javeed accused the BRS government of betraying the trust of Muslims and minorities.

Javeed contended that both the BJP and BRS had neglected the welfare of the poor, Dalits, and minority communities. He reminded the public that it was the Congress party that provided four percent reservation for Muslim minorities.

Highlighting issues of unemployment and delayed job notifications, Javeed accused KCR of breaking promises, particularly regarding the 11 percent reservation for Muslims. He urged the Muslim minorities, the poor, and the Dalits to cast their votes in favour of the Congress.

In a final assertion, Javeed painted a picture of the BJP-BRS alliance as appearing adversarial externally while maintaining close ties internally, urging voters to consider these factors in the upcoming elections. “Telangana Chief Minister KCR and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have a close alliance between them. KCR has supported Modi many times in legislative sessions of the parliament. KCR also referred to Modi as his dearest friend,” he said.

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