Tomatoes hit a century again!

Tomatoes hit a century again!

Tomatoes hit a century again!


  • In retail markets, the price of one kg tomatoes crosses Rs 100
  • The price may rise further in the next 10-15 days due to supply-demand imbalance
  • Farmers complain that they have meagre financial resources to increase the crop and not getting any help from the government

Tirupati: The price of tomatoes, one of the essential ingredients in commoners' dishes, has been skyrocketing. The price was soaring for the past few days and crossed Rs 100 mark now in many retail markets. With this, tomatoes too joined various other essential commodities in making the consumers feel the brunt of rising prices which put a heavy burden on their monthly budgets.

The price fluctuation in tomatoes was not new which are subject to market vagaries. Just a couple of months back the prices hovered around Rs 2 in the market yard in Madanapalle of Annamayya district which is known as the biggest tomato market. At that time, people used to buy in huge quantities but they were settling with just half-a-kg or one-fourth kg now. The owner of a small eatery said that they stopped using tomatoes as it is not viable for them unless the price of meals and tiffins are increased.

Sharp decline in yield was said to be the main reason for this trend as the supply fell very much short of the demand. A trader in the market yard SK Masthan told The Hans India that there was 70 per cent cut in the normal supply and the yard is getting around 200 tonnes of tomatoes only while the demand is more.

This has pushed the price upwards and the price of A-grade tomatoes is around Rs 70 while even the least variety costs Rs 50 plus.

Analysing the reasons a farmer said that there was a steep fall in prices since January due to which farmers have restricted the crop. Further, due to lack of financial resources they could not increase cultivation. Government has not provided any kind of help to come out of the financial difficulties due to which the net sown area has come down significantly.

The present pricing proves to be beneficial to the farmers which may continue for another 10-15 days. Afterwards, the new crop may start yielding with which prices may come down gradually, the traders felt. Out of the A-grade tomatoes that were reaching the market yard, major quantities are being exported to Tamil Nadu and some other parts in AP. These exports are adding to the price hikes.

A lady street vendor in Tirupati said that a 30 kg crate has been costing around Rs 2100 out of which at least 3-4 kgs will go as waste. Selling tomatoes at Rs 100 is also not that beneficial to them. In small outlets in the colonies the price has even crossed Rs 110.

Though the government has announced that tomatoes will be sold at Rythu Bazars at subsidised prices that has not started yet.

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