YSRCP changes GD Nellore candidate - for 3rd time

Dr Krupa Lakshmi with Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy. Her father and Deputy  CM K Narayana Swamy is also seen.

Dr Krupa Lakshmi with Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy. Her father and Deputy CM K Narayana Swamy is also seen.


It first announced the name of Chittoor MP N Reddeppa in place of sitting MLA and Deputy CM Narayana Swamy

Tirupati: The YSRCP has made the Gangadhara Nellore (GD Nellore) reserved constituency seat as a game of musical chairs, with its in-charge being shuffled for the third time in just the past one month. This frequent change has left party cadres feeling embarrassed and uncertain. On Wednesday night, the party appointed Kalathur Krupa Lakshmi, daughter of Deputy CM and local MLA K Narayana Swamy, as its latest choice for the position.

Narayana Swamy, a two-time winner of the seat in 2014 and 2019, had been seeking seat for his daughter. Despite his efforts, the party leadership initially had different plans, considering swapping Narayana Swamy with Chittoor MP N Reddeppa for the 2024 elections. Dissatisfaction with Swamy’s leadership surfaced within the party ranks, particularly from factions in Penumuru, GD Nellore, Palasamudram, and Karvetinagaram mandals. These dissenting voices criticised Swamy's approach, fuelling internal opposition.

Former MP Mahasamudram Gnanendra Reddy’s group also opposed Swamy’s re-nomination due to their old rivalry. At one stage the party witnessed protests both in favour of Swamy and against him. Keeping these factors under consideration, the party leadership has announced his name for Chittoor MP seat while swapping MP Reddeppa to GD Nellore Assembly seat.

Adding to the complexity, former MP Gnanendra Reddy’s group opposed Swamy’s renomination due to long standing rivalries. Protests both in favour of and against Swamy ensued, prompting the party leadership to reconsider. Initially, a decision was made to switch Swamy with Reddeppa, but both incumbents expressed discontent. Subsequently, the party reversed course, reinstating Reddeppa for the Chittoor MP seat and nominating Swamy for GD Nellore.

However, escalating internal dissent against Swamy prompted the leadership to rethink, ultimately leading to Krupa Lakshmi's candidacy. Prior to this, Krupa Lakshmi along with her father Swamy met Chief Minister Y S Jagan Mohan Reddy at Kuppam during his visit on February 26.

Krupa Lakshmi entered the political arena for the first time, marking a significant shift in the constituency's political landscape. Her candidacy adds a new dimension to the electoral contest, particularly in light of the opposition's discontent with Swamy's leadership.

Meanwhile, the TDP has chosen to field Dr V M Thomas, a prominent embryologist, as their debutant candidate, further intensifying the competition in GD Nellore.

As the political stage is set for the upcoming elections, all eyes are on how Krupa Lakshmi's leadership will be received by the dissident camp and how the entry of two fresh candidates will reshape the dynamics of the GD Nellore poll battle.

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