Tadepalligudem: TDP-JSP 'unstoppable'

Tadepalligudem: TDP-JSP unstoppable

  • Alliance vows to restore Telugu pride and glory

Tadepalligudem : The first massive joint meeting of TDP-Jana Sena Party on Wednesday. blew a powerful poll bugle with the slogan, “Hello AP, Bye Bye YCP” and “We are winning we are forming the government”.

Addressing the nearly two-hour long mammoth meeting at Tadepalligudem, TDP national president N Chandrababu Naidu and JSP chief Pawan Kalyan gave a clarion call to youth, women, farmers and all sections to forget regional and caste equations, join hands, and deal a “massive blow” to the YSRCP so that further destruction of the state can be stopped and a new foundation for golden future of Andhra Pradesh can be laid.

While Naidu felt that the TDP-JSP alliance will be making a new history and would give a new direction to the state to put it back on the global map and that there would be no “sequel for Jagan’s ongoing cinema”, Pawan said, “Jagan cries, Sidham Sidham, our reply is we are ready for Yudham.”

He said it’s time to bid good bye to the rule of a “gang of five - Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy, Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy, Mithun Reddy and Y V Subba Reddy led by Jagan Reddy.”

Naidu said that TDP and JSP alliance was people’s alliance to end the “Psycho rule,” and restore Telugu pride and glory. The state has best human resources, intelligent youth, Polavarm, large sea coast, best of resources, fertile lands, hard working farmers and life lines -- Krishna and Godavari. But the state has become tattered due to “psycho rule.”

He said a CM should generate revenue and rule, but this CM started with demolition of buildings and now demolished state and all institutions. Anyone who questions whether it is Pawan or Naidu makes no difference for him. So it’s time to tighten your fists and deal a massive blow to throw him out of power.

Naidu said he and Pawan have prepared a blueprint for the state’s development. The priorities include bringing back industries, creating jobs, farmers welfare, women empowerment, separate BC and SC declarations, welfare of minorities, employees etc. The joint manifesto, he said, would be announced soon.

He said the highlight of this alliance was that both TDP and JSP were walking together, not one behind the other and hence AP will now be unstoppable. He said TDP was on fire and now the wind called Pawan has joined hands and together they will turn YSRCP into “ash.”

Pawan said TDP and JSP together want fighters, young fighters to break the ‘Tadepalli Fort’. He said while Naidu was like a claymore mine, he would create a tsunami and together they would “crush YSRCP”.

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