Challenges Related to FASTag You Should Know

Challenges Related to FASTag You Should Know

Along with blistering heat, slayer thunderstorms and intense monsoon, snaking queues at toll plazas are one of the few challenged faced by Indian drivers.

Along with blistering heat, slayer thunderstorms and intense monsoon, snaking queues at toll plazas are one of the few challenged faced by Indian drivers. To save time and ease the payment at toll plazas, the Indian government has developed a cashless system of paying toll tax with the 'One Nation-One FASTag' scheme.

For people who are still curious about it, FASTag is an advanced, yet user-friendly tag built on Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology that lets you pay tolls without having to stop for a cash transaction. The nation is still on the transition phase, though FASTag will be valid at all the toll plazas from December 1, 2019.

If you have started using it, then there is no doubt that you must be enjoying the benefits shared by FASTag. However, there are some challenges related to FASTag that you should know to have utilized this seamless process to its T. Let's take a look into these challenges:

1. Loss of FASTag

The first and most common challenge that you face with this advanced technology is that loss of FASTag can be distressful for drivers. The concern stems from the fact that it may be subject to theft or loss as this card is attached as a tag on the windscreen. However, when something like this happens, you can immediately notify the issuing agency or the bank about the theft or loss. They can then block the account and help you get another tag. For example, you got your FASTag issued by Axis Bank, and then you'll have to contact their customer care service to block your account.

2. Possible Technical Issues at Toll Plazas

The FASTag is fixed on the windscreen of your vehicle, so when you pass through a toll plaza, the tag readers read it, and the toll amount is automatically deducted from your FASTag account. However, there are possible technical issues that you can face at toll plazas like you FASTag not working. Due to this glitch, when your vehicle goes through the RFID scanner, it does not detect your FASTag.

3. Unauthorized Deductions Through FASTag

In the wake of a technical glitch, there are possibilities that when you pass a toll plaza, the toll fee can be deducted twice from your account. However, you can get assistance from the bank; your tag account is registered in case of such unauthorized deductions. By going to your FASTag customer portal, you can register a claim for a double deduction of the toll amount, and you can apply for compensation for the same. Like, if you bought your FASTag from Axis Bank, then you need to download their app on your smartphone and register a claim for the unauthorized deduction.

4. Blacklisted FASTag

This challenge for RFID users is relatively common. In case the consumer fails to maintain adequate balance in their FASTag account, a FASTag will be blacklisted. Consequently, if the user attempts to pass via the toll plazas with the insufficient balance in their FASTag account, they will not be able to use the National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) services, forcing them to pay by cash.

FASTag is seen as a beneficial mode of a toll collection system, offering benefits to both – the user and the collector. The Government of India considered all these challenges faced by FASTag and came up with positive solutions to make the most out of a technologically superior model of toll collection. So, don't be baffled and buy FASTag now from the partnered banks like AXIS Bank to enjoy the hassle-free travelling through Indian highways.

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