Defence Minister Rajnath Singh Hails Siachen As Beacon Of India's Resilience


  • Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh lauds Siachen's significance as a symbol of India's courage and fortitude during his visit.
  • He conducts a security review, praises soldiers' sacrifices, and commemorates the 40th anniversary of 'Operation Meghdoot.'

Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh made a visit to Siachen on Monday, describing it as the epitome of India's courage, resilience, and determination. Singh conducted an on-site assessment of the security situation in the region, emphasizing the critical role Siachen plays in India's military readiness.

In his remarks, Singh likened Siachen to the capital cities of Delhi, Mumbai, and Bengaluru, stating that just as these cities hold significance in various domains, Siachen symbolizes the spirit of bravery and fortitude. He visited a forward post situated at an altitude of 15,100 feet, where he received briefings on troop readiness and the prevailing security conditions, according to a statement from the Defence Ministry.

During his interaction with soldiers, Singh expressed gratitude for their sacrifices, emphasizing that their unwavering presence ensures the safety of every citizen. He commended their bravery, highlighting that their actions on the icy glacier would serve as a source of inspiration for future generations.

Singh underscored the significance of Siachen as more than just territory, asserting it as a symbol of India's sovereignty and resolve. Reflecting on the 40th anniversary of "Operation Meghdoot," he hailed it as a proud milestone in India's military history, recognizing the success of establishing control over the Siachen Glacier in April 1984.

The Defence Minister's visit to Siachen follows his recent trip to Leh on March 24, where he celebrated Holi with troops. Originally scheduled earlier, his Siachen visit was postponed due to adverse weather conditions.

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