'Draconian' laws must to deal with draconian elements!

‘Draconian’ laws must to deal with draconian elements!

‘Draconian’ laws must to deal with draconian elements!


Nowadays it has become a fashion among certain agenda-sponsored groups to spit venom on the lawfully-elected governments and the holders of the august constitutional posts like prime minister, chief minister, minister etc

Nowadays it has become a fashion among certain agenda-sponsored groups to spit venom on the lawfully-elected governments and the holders of the august constitutional posts like prime minister, chief minister, minister etc. Even the absolutely non-partisan personalities such as the governor and in some cases judges too are not spared from such venomous attacks.

These groups obviously consist of the anti-national, separatist, extremist and Jihadi elements who dance to the tunes of like-minded politicians and external organisations who are hell-bent on creating chaos, violence and civil-war like situation in the country. Recent developments in the country bear enough testimony of such evil designs and attempts by such groups; violent agitations carried out under the pretext of CAA-NRC, farmers, migrant labourers etc' are just a tip of the iceberg.

The latest tirade against the government's move to regulate the unbridled horses of so-called 'social' platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram etc; in the name of Freedom of Expression and the Right to Privacy is yet one more attempt to malign the government of the day on the international platform. Going by the anti-India vicious propaganda lashed out by these groups in the name of freedom of expression and remaining incognito under the garb of Right to Privacy, no sane person can say that these groups are having good and noble intentions.

Obviously, there is no logical reason to oppose the government's move to tighten noose around such anti-India elements.

Of late, Lakshadweep, an archipelago of 36 islands in the Arabian sea about 300 km off the Kerala coast has been in news for all the wrong reasons. The islands are essentially a home for over 70,000 people, of whom more than 93 per cent are Muslims drawing benefits as tribals for the strange reasons. Lakshadweep has a strategical importance for India. Its location is easily accessible to several countries including Pakistan and China.

After losing control over Jammu & Kashmir, the Jihadi elements have been desperately trying to get foothold in other locations. Now it is an open secret that these forces are in do-or-die mode in the States like Assam, West Bengal and Kerala. Karnataka, Telangana and Lakshadweep too, have been on their radar. The government of the day which has a report of their full body scan has been doing what it is expected to do.

The appointment of Prafulbhai Khodabhai Patel as the Administrator itself speaks volumes for the government's intentions. In short, to crush the secessionist Jihadi forces in Lakshadweep.

The new Administrator has very rightly taken upon the fanatic bull by horns. The newly introduced Lakshadweep Prevention of Anti-Social Activities Regulation, 2021, The Lakshadweep Animal Preservation Regulation, 2021 and the draft Lakshadweep Town and Country Planning Regulation 2021 will go a long way in setting right anti-India elements in Lakshadweep. The kid-gloves treatment given to the Jihadi and separatist elements so far by the Congress and UPA regimes of yesteryears on quid pro quo basis not only in Lakshadweep but also in other parts of the country has done immense harm to the unity and sovereign fabric of India. The present chorus and chest-beating by the deprived beneficiaries of State largesse rolled out by the previous governments is understandable. But some bitter medicine is necessary, which the new Administrator knows well.

In such a situation, all nationalist and patriotic forces would do well to hail Prafulbhai Khodabhai Patel and ask him to go in full steam against overwhelmingly Jihadi elements in India's pride possession, called Lakshadweep islands!

Undue delay in investigation violates Article 21: P&H HC

A division bench comprising Justice Rajan Gupta and Justice Karamjit Singh of Punjab & Haryana High Court in the suo motu case for expeditious disposal of criminal cases against legislators in its order dated May 27, has observed that undue delay in investigation infringes the accused person's right to fair and expeditious trial under Article 21 of the Constitution of India.

Notably, the Apex court while disposing of a case, Ashwani Kumar Upadhyay vs Union of India and others has issued a slew of directions to ensure expeditious disposal of criminal cases against MPs / MLAs.

Allahabad HC on bail plea

In order to ensure a fair, transparent and clear procedure for hearing of the bail petitions, the Director General of Police of Uttar Pradesh has been directed by a single judge bench of Justice Sanjay Bhanot of the Allahabad High Court recently to furnish timely instructions to the government advocates.

Considering the bail plea in Sahil vs State of Uttar Pradesh, the court observed: "The surest foundation of law and stability of constitutional order lies not only in the existence of an independent judiciary, but equally in the regard shown by every constitutional organ of governance to the fundamental rights of all citizens, and actions of state officials to diligently comply with the orders passed by the Court."

The bench held that the right of an accused to have his bail application heard by the Court within a reasonable time has been entrenched as a constitutional liberty. This right flows from Article 21, it added.

Will they or will not?

Whether some 40,000 advocates and their clerks of Telangana State could be given exemption from the Covid-19 restrictions on movement on par with their counterparts in Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Delhi and Kerala would be known on May 31 , the time-limit fixed by the High Court for replying to the query by the Advocate General BS Prasad.

Justice B Vijaysen Reddy on May 27 heard a writ petition seeking exemption for lawyers and their clerks who had to move out in connection with the legal work and directed the Advocate General to respond by May 31, when the matter will be taken up for further proceedings.

Meanwhile, according to reports, the State cabinet is likely to review the prevailing Covid-19 pandemic situation and decide upon the continuation, relaxation or lifting of the lockdown restrictions.

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