Former Intel India Country Head Avtar Saini Killed In Cycling Accident: Says Police

Former Intel India Country Head Avtar Saini Killed In Cycling Accident: Says Police

  • 1. Avtar Saini, former head of Intel in India, tragically lost his life in a cycling accident in Navi Mumbai.
  • 2. The incident involved a speeding cab hitting Saini from behind, resulting in fatal injuries. Despite efforts to rush him to the hospital, Saini was pronounced dead on arrival.

The tragic incident involving the former Intel India country head, Avtar Saini, unfolded on a Wednesday morning in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. Saini, aged 68, was engaging in his routine cycling activity along with fellow cyclists on Palm Beach Road in the Nerul area.

Reports suggest that at approximately 5:50 am, a speeding cab collided with Saini's bicycle from behind. The impact of the collision caused severe injuries to Saini. Despite the swift efforts of his fellow cyclists to rush him to a nearby hospital, Saini was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Hailing from suburban Chembur, Saini was a highly regarded figure in the tech industry. He was notably known for his contributions to the development of Intel's 386 and 486 microprocessors, and he later led the design team for the company's Pentium processor.

The negligence of the cab driver, who attempted to flee the scene after the collision, exacerbated the severity of the incident. Fortunately, the bicycle's frame became wedged under the front wheels of the cab, preventing the driver from escaping entirely.

In response to the incident, the police have taken action by registering a First Information Report (FIR) against the cab driver. The charges include various sections of the Indian Penal Code related to rash and negligent driving, as well as causing harm and death due to negligent acts. Additionally, provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act have been invoked.

Despite the legal proceedings initiated by the authorities, the accused cab driver remains at large, as confirmed by an official from the NRI police station.

This unfortunate event not only marks a personal loss to Saini's family and friends but also underscores the importance of road safety and responsible driving practices to prevent such tragedies in the future.

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