New Delhi: Ravan poster of Rahul

New Delhi: Ravan poster of Rahul

'BJP's aim is to incite violence'

New Delhi : The Congress on Thursday slammed the BJP after the saffron party released a poster of former Congress chief Rahul Gandhi on its official X handle, depicting him as Ravan.

The Congress said that the poster is "clearly intended to incite violence" against the leader, whose father former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and late grandmother Prime Minister Indira Gandhi were assassinated by forces that wanted to divide India.

In a post on X, Congress General Secretary Jairam Ramesh said, “What is the real intent of an atrocious graphic portraying @RahulGandhi as Ravan by the BJP’s official handle? It is clearly intended to incite and provoke violence against a Congress MP and a former President of the party, whose father and grandmother were assassinated by forces that want to divide India.”

Ramesh said, “It is one thing for the Prime Minister to give evidence daily of being a pathological liar and of suffering from a narcissistic personality disorder. But for him to get his party to produce something this obnoxious is not just completely unacceptable, but is downright dangerous.” “We will not be intimidated,” the Rajya Sabha MP added.

The BJP’s post on X with a poster of Rahul Gandhi with 10 heads, was also shared by the party’s IT department chief Amit Malviya on his X profile.

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