Swati Maliwal Alleges Pressure From AAP Leaders Amid Assault Controversy

Swati Maliwal Alleges Pressure From AAP Leaders Amid Assault Controversy

  • Swati Maliwal, an AAP MP, claims senior party members are pressuring her amidst escalating controversy over an alleged assault case.
  • She reveals coercion tactics and vows to fight for justice alone, challenging AAP's stance.

On Wednesday, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) MP Swati Maliwal asserted that senior party members were facing pressure to take action against her amid the escalating political dispute over her purported assault case. Maliwal disclosed receiving a call from a high-ranking party official, who revealed the coercion to make derogatory statements about her or tarnish her reputation by leaking personal photographs. Without explicitly naming individuals, Maliwal indicated the delegation of tasks within the party, alleging orchestrated efforts to discredit her, including organizing press conferences and disseminating misleading information.

Moreover, Maliwal emphasized the intimidation tactics employed, such as contacting volunteers abroad to gather incriminating evidence against her and orchestrating fabricated sting operations. Despite the formidable opposition, Maliwal vowed to confront the challenges alone, asserting her unwavering commitment to truth and justice. She expressed disappointment in AAP leader Atishi's insinuations linking her with the BJP, labeling it as character assassination. Maliwal reaffirmed her resolve to uphold her dignity and continue the fight for justice, undeterred by the solitary nature of her struggle.

These remarks from Maliwal came in response to Delhi Lieutenant Governor VK Saxena's criticism of Arvind Kejriwal's silence on the alleged assault incident, affirming that the Delhi Police's investigation will lead to a conclusive resolution. Last week, Delhi Police took action against Bibhav Kumar, an aide of Kejriwal, following Maliwal's accusations of assault.

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