Tourists In Kerala's Kochi City Accused of Destroying Pro-Palestine Boards

Tourists In Keralas Kochi City Accused of Destroying Pro-Palestine Boards

  • Video footage captures two foreign female tourists allegedly vandalizing pro-Palestine boards in Kochi, Kerala.
  • It sparks a heated dispute with locals over the posters' content and implications.

According to a video circulating online, two foreign female tourists were observed destroying Pro-Palestinian boards set up in Kochi city, Kerala. The footage depicts the tourists engaging in a dispute with locals over the posters, asserting that they found them "insulting" to the Jewish community.

The incident occurred on April 15, prompting the Fort Kochi police to file a case against the two tourists.

In the video, the foreigners are seen standing on the sidewalk amid scattered remnants of the pro-Palestine boards. A local individual can be heard confronting one of the tourists, accusing her of damaging the property and urging her to clear the debris.

In a heated exchange, the woman defended her actions, claiming she acted on behalf of the Jewish people and accused the locals of promoting propaganda and falsehoods.

The locals countered by suggesting that if she had objections to the banners, she should have lodged a complaint instead of resorting to vandalism. The woman argued that the banners perpetuated sectarianism, to which a local responded by highlighting the diverse religious makeup of India.

Subsequently, the foreigner asserted that there were no Jewish people present and accused the locals of profiting from Jewish individuals despite their absence.

The boards in question were installed by the Students Islamic Organisation. Following the incident, a complaint was lodged by the organization, leading to the registration of a case by the police.

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