In a baby shower cake: Foetus floats inside womb. Internet is offended

In a baby shower cake: Foetus floats inside womb. Internet is offended

A picture of a baby shower cake in which the foetus floating inside the womb has been going viral on the internet. It makes the users feeling disgusted.

Cakes are changed now as they are not remained simple as they used to be 10 years ago. Nowadays, people like cake that are visually appealing and creative also need to taste great at the same time.

For special events like baby showers or bridal showers, bakers really have so many creative ideas for the most innovative cakes. However, recently on internet picture of a baby shower cake that has been trending on the internet is far from visually appealing.

A cake shared by a woman of the aforementioned cake that is in the shape of a pregnant woman's torso wearing a yellow dress and a pearl necklace.

Even though the internet is calling it a horrible cake, it still deserves a special shoutout for the attention to detail on the dress. The rose flower belt at the waist, the buttons on the dress and the ruffled border are all on point.

But what made the internet go ewww… was the stomach of the woman in which they have added a toy baby made of gelatin, who's wearing a diaper could be seen floating in the gelatin.

The internet agrees that the cake is disgusting and their comments about this cake on that post are proving it.

One user wrote, "I have no words for this monstrosity."

Another user wrote, "Well. if I didn't want kids before. I definitely don't want them now."

What is your thought about this cake?

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