Every fan of Mahesh Babu knows that he has grown up in Chennai and can speak Tamil fluently. This was proved in the recent audio function of Selvandhan. 

Mahesh Babu's unique way of delivering dialogues has always made audiences go gaga over him. But would you believe it if we told you that Mahesh cannot read Telugu as he had not learnt in school?

Then how does he mouth his dialogues? Well, the actor says he is gifted with a great memory and that he remembers conversations he had with the director. This latest confession has shocked a few fans as they always thought Mahesh reads his lines. His impeccable dialogue delivery certainly deserves a round of applause.

When he dubs for movies, he has no scripts and he entirely depends on his memory. "I have been practising this from my first film. Either my memory or conversations with the director would help me when I am delivering dialogues," Mahesh Babu told in an interview to an English daily.