Smriti Irani interacts with young students in city

Smriti Irani interacts with young students in city

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a special affinity to the Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu and the people of Andhra Pradesh.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi has a special affinity to the Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu and the people of Andhra Pradesh. Every measure that enhances prosperity of the people will be taken out by Central government in coordination with the Chief Minister,” said Union Minister for Human Resource Development, Smriti Irani here on Tuesday.

The minister, while interacting with the students of KBN College in Kothapeta made clear that the government at central level is keen on improving the quality of education especially of the girl child. It has brought about several initiatives which would cater to the needs of students of school education and professional or technical education.

During her interaction, Smriti said that 9 out of 11 national universities have already started functioning in the State which means that the Centre is committed in extending necessary support in development of the State. She called out to the girl students to draw inspiration from their mothers, aunts and teachers who have several stories to share.

“One need not look out for inspiration other than from their houses. We have many challenging women in our surroundings who succeeded after a severe struggle. Every woman should stand an inspiration for the rest of them around,” she said.

Answering to a question posed as how the higher education system in the country cannot be brought under a single roof, Smriti said, “India is a country with diversification and a specialised set of values. Anything like bringing out the entire system of higher education under a segment would be disrespecting the federal structure of the country.

We have sought for 70 per cent of the core curriculum to be the same for all and more over, we cannot force any State to follow the suit, in regard to this.” “Government of India has decided to pay for the faculty from international reputed universities to come and offer guest lectures at the government institutions here, just to enable our students have a better exposure to things.

Academic engagements with reputed foreign universities will only benefit our students. University of Pennsylvania, Yale, Cambridge, University of Edinburgh, and confirmation from Georgia Tech University have been made,” said Smriti when answering about the government’s action plan to mull foreign universities to coordinate with the Indian universities.

When a student questioned if the Vedic Education Board which is proposed by the ministry would be for all or a select class of students, Smriti replied, “Proposing a separate board for vedic and sanksrit education with a combination of Science and Mathematics infuses the modern and traditional education practices. I personally believe that amalgamation of modern and traditional system is a rare advantage our students will have when compared to the rest of students across the world.”

Speaking about ‘Bharatvani’ initiative, Smriti said that the online portal is now serving on spot translation of 35 languages in 130 glossaries which by another year will be equipped to 250 languages. This will help the students translate the study material in language that they can understand at ease.

Smriti added that they are going to start a new initiative called ‘Vidyanjali’ on June 16th, which is constructed on the motto of each one teach one. ‘Illiteracy can be banished within no time if community becomes a part of strengthening the education system, especially at the rural parts of the country. The light of education has to be spread and I would congratulate the youth who come forth in upgrading the skills of government school children. I will extend support to such initiatives,” she said.

Answering another question, minister said that there will be upgradation of 1000 courses of under graduate and post graduate education in NCRET digital books. The additional reading material for references will be upgraded within a month, she said. Speaking on the new education policy, Smriti shared, “It is the first time in the country that there was a discussion over framing the new policy after long 30 years.

Modi’s government has made sure that we take suggestions from various sources including UNO, UNESCO and educational groups who were posed with 33 questions on views of education and policy making. We reached out to two and a half lakh villages, 500 districts, 1300 urban bodies and 5000 blocks whose voice was asked for, to frame the policy. All the recommendations will be shared to the States and then a collective decision would be made for implementation.”

When a girl queried about how Smriti manages to win over the controversies that she has been dragged into, she replied saying, “The very fact that these many young girls are coming out realising that I have been dragged into controversy is a victory for me. For every politician, controversies are a part and parcel. Some get their names build up on them.”

Answering on how it is difficult for a women to enter leadership in politics, minister said, “Working in a party like BJP will propell you to a national platform only on your abilities. Reservation within the party was practiced when it is lead by a man. Women are equipped with several challenges and once you stand up for your belief with courage and confidence, nothing can stop you. Also, we should remember that there are challenges that men face, but are not socially approved of talking about them,” she quipped.

For the first time in country, Modi’s government has enforced the facility to migrate Ph.D of a woman scholar from one university to another, just to enable more women become doctorates. No other government has ever offered a maternity leave for women pursuing Ph.D, which is again a boon to the community.

It is a credit to the government that every school in the country now has functional rest rooms for girl students to encourage them pursue higher education and continue education. This initiative has been implemented across the country within a period of one year which is obviously preventing girl students to stand out of schools, she added.

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