Pawan, KTR and Lokesh to dominate AP, Telangana political scene in 2019


New blood is all set to emerge and sideline conventional political scene in both the Telugu speaking states-Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in the coming days. But even in new blood, the family blood runs thicker, it seems.

While Chandababu Naidu's son, Stanford educated Nara Lokesh is revving up party politics in AP, the US educated son of KCR -K T Rama Rao is emerging as the No.2 in the TRS ruled Telangana.

Power star and youth icon, Pawan Kalyan is also set to keep a foot in both camps -AP and Telangana states.

Both KCR and Chandrababu Naidu who are in their sixties feel the need for young leadershp to replace them and retain hold on the party and government. Both are very unabashedly promoting their sons into direct ascendancy for the top post in total violation of the principles for which they fought in their younger days against their own kith and kin.

According to the rumour mills in political circles, KCR is all out to sideline his own nephew who gave him shoulder and support over the last 10 years of Telangana movement when KTR and his sister Kavitha were in the US. Both have now been positioned in party and politics by KCR posing a threat to Harish who hoping to clinch the top post in Telangana.

Similarly, Nara Lokesh is now directly involved in meeting people and party cadres to establish bondage with them. Thereby Chandrababu has ensured that no other TDP leader could challenge Lokesh when the time is ripe for his promotion into electoral politics. Naidu has chosen Kuppam to become the assembly seat of Lokesh and if it comes to that Tirupati will be the parliament seat for Naidu himself.

Then comes the role of Pawan Kalyan in AP politics. It appears that just like his brother Chiranjeevi, even Pawan Kalyan is also of political utility to Chandrababu Naidu to keep Jagan away. He will use Pawan the same way as YSR used Chiranjeevi and the PRP in 2009 elections to break the TDP votes and hegemony in AP.

But whatever be their political game plan, AP and TS are all set to witness a sea change in the political scene of the state with young blood jumping into the fray to stake their share of the spoils - left overs by their fathers and brothers. In this formula Jagan though is a wild horse and a wild card, has lost his advantage and edge due to the court cases and fading YSR following eating into his vote bank.

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