A view of Ramavarappadu Ring Road in Vijayawada
A view of Ramavarappadu Ring Road in Vijayawada

Vijayawada: Ramavarappadu ring junction, which connects two national highways, will be developed as one of the important junctions in the city due its strategic location and transport connectivity. Metro station will come up at the Ramavarappadu circle junction. Besides, the railways are also planning to develop the Gunadala railway station as satellite station to meet the requirements of the railways. 

  • Metro Rail station, Gunadala satellite station will change outlook 
Trains running between Hyderabad and Vizag can be halted at Gunadala railway station without entering the main railway station, which is one of the busiest in India. Once the Gunadala satellite station is constructed, it will be very useful to the passengers during the occasions like Pushkaraalu and Gunadala Mary Maata festival. 

Metro Rail project will also enhance the importance of Ramavarappadu ring junction in the city. The state and Central government are determined to construct two metro projects in Vijayawada. One is on the Eluru road and the second on M G Road. Ramavarappadu ring junction will get a big metro station. Gunadala railway station is just three km from Ramavarappadu ring junction. 

Metro Rail station at Gunadala and satellite railway station at Gunadala will be very important for the development of this area.  Vijayawada MP Kesinani has been trying to get funds for construction of the Gunadala satellite station. Ramavappadu ring junction connects the Hyderabad -Kolkata and Hyderabad -Chennai highways. 

Completion of Inner Ring Road has changed the outlook of Ramavarappadu ring junction. The CRDA is planning to construct a big arch at the Ramavarappadu ring junction to welcome the people who come from Eluru on the national highway. District Collector Babu A also visited the junction on several occasions to inspect the IRR works and Gannavaram airport development works. 

He is also showing keen interest for the development of Ramavarappadu ring junction. The CRDA has already planted trees on the divider along the highway between Vijayawada and Gannavaram airport. The greenery enhanced the beauty of national highway. Interestingly, greenery has been increased along the highway from Ramavarappadu to Benz Circle during the last few months. Fencing was erected to save the plants and pavement was laid for the convenience of pedestrians.