Nimmakuru close to Nandamuri Harikrishnas heart, always
Nimmakuru close to Nandamuri Harikrishnas heart, always

Vijayawada: Former minister and former Rajya Sabha member Nandamuri Harikrishna set an example to others by developing his native village Nimmakuru. He reportedly had a lot of attachment for his village and used to speak of it proudly. He had spent nearly Rs 3 crore for the development of the village.

If the village had good roads, it was because Harikrishna had released money necessary for the work from his MPLAD’s fund. He also provided solar street-lighting and allocated funds for girls' hostel and temple. Especially, he developed blacktop roads to reach agriculture fields in the village. Similarly, he developed roads for the neighboring villages of Nibhanupudi-Undrapudi.     

He also allocated Rs 2.5 crore for the development of a veterinary hospital in Vijayawada proving his special interest in animals and cattle. His close relative Nandamuri Sivaramakrishna, speaking to The Hans India, said that Harikrishna had developed the village with various schemes.

He recalled that Harikrishna was ready to do something for the village development whenever the villagers asked for help. He said that if any problem was taken to his notice, he used to attend to it. He recalled the Tollywood actor always preferring to drive his car himself whenever he visited the village.

Harikrishna’s close friend Sita Varaprasad, said that he used to spend several hours to undertake vehicle repairs. He always preferred to keep his vehicle fit. He recalled that Harikrishna used to spend the entire day at Autonagar in the city for vehicle repair in the past and never allowed others to repair his vehicle other than mechanic of his choice. He also spent time in his cousin's native Garikaparru village. 

Kudaravalli Raghuramaiah, a villager, said he had allocated funds for the ZP school. He always showered affection on his native village and people. Obburi Venu, native of Nibhanupudi, said that he never showed any discrimination towards any section of people. He recalled Harikrishna offering bed beside him when at NTR's house whenever he visited the village. 

Many people from his village rushed to Hyderabad after learning about the demise of Harikrishna. His close relative Nandamuri Srivenkateswara Rao and other Nandamuri family members went to Hyderabad in the morning.

Some others started in the evening. Nearly 20 Nandamuri families are living in the village. Indeed, several of his close relatives died some time ago due to old age. Some others settled in Hyderabad city. Harikrishna’s 90-year-old close relative Nandamuri Jenamma, recalled that Harikrishna was always concerned about the villagers and used to inquire their whereabouts of everyone in the village. 

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