Tatipudi reservoir touches dead storage level
Tatipudi reservoir touches dead storage level

Vizianagaram: Tatipudi reservoir, constructed across river Gosthani, one of the main water source for farmers in Vizianagaram district and drinking water source for Vizag city, is reached to dead storage level now. 

This is the pathetic situation that never occurred in the past 50 years. People are worried as the reservoir reached the dead storage level ahead of summer season. The farmers need to wait for eight months till July for rains to fill the dam. The project is aimed to provide water to Vizag municipal corporation along with irrigation water to 16,000 acres in Gantyada and Jami mandals. 

As per the agreement, the reservoir provides drinking water to Vizianagaram town and supplies 11 million gallons of water per day to Vizag municipality.

But due to unavailability of water in the reservoir, the wells dug in Vizianagaram town are dried up and the municipal authorities are facing problem to supply drinking water to public. The complete storage level of this project is 297 feet. But due to less rainfall and high temperature, the storage level has dipped to below 250 feet.

The people of Vizianagaram town also staged dharnas seeking permanent solution for drinking water supply. Raithu Sangham leader R Sankara Rao alleged that the wells dug up in Mushidipalli village area were not filled for the past few months due to less rainfall.

Municipal Chairman P Ramakrishna stated, “We are taking measures to meet the drinking water needs of town, which will be escalated in coming months. We will plan for alternative ways and get the water from Champavathi river of Nellimarla.”

Deputy engineer in water supply department K Vamsi said, “The town needs 17 million litres of water per day. But the borewells in Mushidipalli are totally dried up and now we are getting only 7 MLD from Champavathi river and supplying water to public twice in a week.

We have another alternative source from same area and it will be materialised shortly and will get another 7 MLD. Then we can manage the water supply demand. Even we have completed all arrangements to get water from Gadigedda too.” 

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