Smoky eyes - tips to get the effect

Smoky eyes - tips to get the effect

Smoky eyes - tips to get the effect, If you have ever drooled over that hot sexy smoky eyed look of the Hollywood celebs and the ramp models

smokey eyesIf you have ever drooled over that hot sexy smoky eyed look of the Hollywood celebs and the ramp models, then get ready to be inspired and join the club with these effective techniques.
Smoky eye makeup never goes out fashion. What more, it looks the best for evenings in the scorching summers. Oozing sex appeal and glamour, smoky eyes are always trending with women all over the globe.
Follow these simple techniques to get those sensational smoky eyes without much effort.
1. Preparation of the eyes – The first step involves preparing the eyes for the makeup. Apply a good dose of concealer all around the eye to blend the skin with the rest of the face. A concealer with minerals and close to skin tone is preferable to even out the area for the makeup.
2. Drawing the eye liner – This is the most crucial part. Eye liner has to be drawn perfectly for further steps of applying the dark eye shadow. Take an eye liner pencil or a liquid and draw along the lashes on both the upper and lower rims. If you have smaller eyes, start the line from the middle of the lower rim and pull it till the corner. If you have large eyes, go ahead from corner to corner.
3. Applying the eye shadow – Take the smoky colours in the eye shadows. Black, dark grey, dark brown – these actively trend and give the look. Apply the eye shadow generously on the upper rim all over the skin covering the eye lid. Try and make a perfect line while filling the area. Apply lighter stroke of the smoky eye shadow beneath the lower rim just above the cheeks.
Always use a sponge tip applicator, smudge brush or a q tip while applying the eye shadow. You can later smudge the whole thing with a fingertip for added effect.
4. Add the final touch – Apply a lighter eye shadow in a neutral or close to skin tone with a large eye shadow brush encircling the eye area with soft strokes that graduate outward to create a perfect blended look.
5. Curl your lashes – Though most women ignore this, curling eye lashes at the end enhances the look better.
6. Mascara – Be generous and apply good amount of waterproof mascara on the lashes to complete the effect.
7. Clean up – The final look happens only after the fall outs of eye shadow are cleaned up encircling the eye, creating a perfect look. Make sure not to smudge your eye shadow too much while doing so.
8. Lip colour – Always opt for nude to light lipsticks in order to make the eyes stand out with that dangerously sexy make up.
Try these at home with less efforts and zero expenses from your pocket for those special evenings. Stand out like a Diva!
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