A Day in The City Kannada movie Review, Rating

A Day in The City Kannada movie Review, Rating

A Day in The City Kannada Movie Review, Rating. A Day in The City made by techies who worked over the weekends hit theatres today. Before we tell you...

A Day in The City made by techies who worked over the weekends hit theatres today. Before we tell you why the movie is a must watch, let's take a look at the production crew.

Cast: Starring: Srinivasa Kappanna, Laxman Shivashankar, Sridharan, Manohar Ramakumar, Lokesh Chandra , Mani Maran, Sriharsha Nagaraj, Raj, Deepak, Lawrence, Rajesh , Vishwanath, Rajiv Mathew and many others!

Writer/Director: Venkat Bharadwaj

Music: Shiva Satya

Producer: Shankara, CV Shivashankar

VFX Editing: Vishwas Avathi

About the movie: The film explores how government officers work and talk about effective governance and national integration

The film revolves around an incident that happens to an Indian city and how things get worse as the situation escalates. This specific incident creates panic in the entire city and the public suffers. How this crisis is handled forms the crux of the story.

The USP is that there are no filmy stereo type fights, heroism and violence. A Day in The city is a subject oriented film.

Review: A brilliant effort by socially responsible citizens who have taken time off their busy schedules to draw people's attention to a crisis in a metropolitan city where we often take things for granted and don't really care till the problem reaches its peak. Watch it if you care for the society and want a better life for the future generation.

Verdict: For once, the movie doesn't make a mockery of the government. With the number of buildings in the city going up and a new construction coming up every day, the water levels have depleted and the water table has hit rock bottom. The film is hard hitting and a take on a real life situation-a crisis that's waiting to happen.

A Day in the City is a no nonsense film with a subject matter that every responsible citizen can relate to. A few diaolgues in the movie helps you relate to it. Overall, an interesting watch and a refreshing change from run-of-the-mill films that claim to be different. Watching the film makes you feel you are staring at the future.

Worth watching with a social message that's thought provoking. Not once would you feel any actor in the film lacks talent. They are all natural. Kudos to the writer for coming up with such an realistic and thought provoking subject.

Rating: 3.5/5

Check out the movie trailer to get a peek into the story

We will soon be back with the report on box office collection. So, come back for all the movie updates.

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