Comedy of errors

Comedy of errors

Comedy of errors, Golmaal 3, Mohan Babu, Pandavulu Pandavulu Tummeda, PPT, Raveena Tandon. When you are told that this is not based on ‘Golmaal 3,’ you know that it is the inspiration.

When you are told that this is not based on ‘Golmaal 3,’ you know that it is the inspiration. Thanks for small mercies, Rohit Shetty may well respond. The girl on the run and the guys on the chase- leading to a global chase.

Then there is the single dad (Mohan Babu) with three good for nothing or good at everything sons – one of whom is even literally dumb. A single mom (Raveena Tandon) dressed to kill has two sons-- stagger (Manchu Vishnu) and stammer (Vennela Kishore). Also guest at home is the girl on the run (Hansika). Global village established Google search complete. Search results reveal that dad loved, loves mom. Poor dad was too busy reciting dialogues as they were nursery rhymes. Richie rich pa-in –law wiggie (Dasari) sends him packing with an empty suit case. Many years later dad meets mom on beach sands with berserk children in the back drop. The unruly ones screamingly seem to suggest that children of single parents can be more than just a social embarrassment. To the audience they can be source for analgesics. This team of destroyers when divided decide to box blows, fly fists and create nuisance. You would believe Singapore is in the midst of a civil war till suddenly the girl on the run decides to anchor with stagger boy from single mom unit. The feud between members of the dad unit which includes muscles (Manoj), translator (Varun Sandesh) and verbal challenge (Tanish) ends with them joining forces against the new enemy.

Over to Pandavapuram and Kauravapuram headed by good man (Giri Babu) and bad man (Mukesh Rishi). After the break the filmmaker has used up, sorry lost the Rohit Shetty inspiration. With the family now under a common umbrella, the filmmaker decides to fall back on the epic of clans at war for kingdoms and reverts to the pet story of the enemy in brazen disguise entrenched in the enemy camp and controlling things therein and thereafter. The film even with the contrived premise could have held promise enough to take the script towards promising entertainment. Entertain it does, if this is your street. There is Mohan Babu (wig et al) playing the dad who had lost his love but not his zeal. This is a school of acting. Innovation? A new route asking for takers- be it actors or fans. And oh! yeah, the two sons: the audience are called upon to like them both. In a world divided to choice: ANR or NTR; Venkatesh or Nagarjuna; now Vishnu and Manoj!! Actually no place (or need) for making a decision. Both are splinter pieces of the same wood. You like Dharam, got used to Sunny and accepted Bobby. Encore at Tollywood. Space, place, latitude notwithstanding, you get the feel of ‘Yamla Pagla Deewana 2’, more than ‘Golmaal 3’. So the preference is arguably based on your call. Taste has a price.

Varun Sandesh and Tanish deliver with a lot of sincerity and it is sad that the acting talent, especially of the former is loss in the din of the Manchu cacophony. There is Brahmanandam. This guy shows how an actor can push a film up a few notches. He actually gets you interested! Kudos, the guy takes the post interval script of the “Maha conflict” past its dreary, predictable journey, on his shoulder. Nothing else matters as long as he is on screen. The film is, if at all for the Manchu fans.

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