Kamala tho naa prayaanam Telugu movie review, rating

Kamala Tho Na Prayanam, an art house film directed by Narasimha Nandi, a National Award winner hit silver screens on Friday all around the state. Sivaji and Archana played the leading roles in this straightforward love story. Sivaji hopefully makes a comeback with this film that has its base in 50s.

The Production Team:

Cast : Sivaji, Archana in main roles

Director : Narasimha Nandi

Music : KK

Producer : Isanaka Sunil Reddy

Genre : Love/Romance

Kamala tho naa prayaanam Telugu movie review, rating

Why the movie is a must watch?

Archana played the title role of Kamala Rani. She gets into the flesh business due to unforeseen circumstances. The entire story is based on the life of a prostitute’s life who leads her life in a compromised but depressed way. She builds castles in the air that she too could lead a happy life like other girls and desires for a man in her life.

Sivaji who played the role of Suryanarayana enters her life in a fimly manner on a rainy day. Kamala Rani considers him too as a trafficker who has come for her ‘body’. Nevertheless, he confronts her and narrates his story that he was in search of her childhood friend and promises to marry her, after he finishes his pending task.

It’s not ethical to reveal the suspense of the story whether Kamala gets married to Suryanarayana or not. However, we would like to present you the merits of the movie that make the movie worth watching

  • 1950s film backdrop and narration of the story
  • Role of Archana
  • Role of Sivajai
  • Screenplay
  • Direction
  • Photography
  • Location selection
  • Music

Rating: 2.75/5

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