Shenaz won't be a nagging wife

Shenaz wont be a nagging wife

Shenaz Won\'t be a Nagging Wife. After being nominated for film-fare award for her power packed role in Ishk Vishk and with her last outing in Bollywood “Delly Belly\" she will be now seen with the small screen heart throb Baron Sobti in Main Aur Mr Right.

After being nominated for film-fare award for her power packed role in Ishk Vishk and with her last outing in Bollywood “Delly Belly" she will be now seen with the small screen heart throb Baron Sobti in Main Aur Mr Right.

In an exclusive rendezvous with Lipika Varma she speaks her heart out…Shenaz does miss Inida but is open to marrying anyone from across the Globe.

Shenaz is busy in the US. After my Last film Delly- Belly I will be seen now in Main Aur... Basically, I have been working in the US so I have been living half here. Daughter of a Merchant Navy captain, Shenaz spent the first seven years of her life traveling across the globe on board cargo ships

sharing her first time experience while she got off shore

I have travelled all over the World. I have lived by myself all over. I have enjoyed living life on my own. I have been everywhere. My dad was the Captain of the ship for Merchant Navy so for the first seven years of my life I have traveled all over the Globe.

Her first experience with opposite sex seems to not have changed

I never thought I would ever run after a boy at six……as I was six years old and landed in Portico and landed over there. I saw a little boy and chased him all across the beachy sand. No sooner did he hide himself behind a rock …I just went ahead to have a peep at him…Oh My God! I saw stars in the broad day light as he hit me on my head…so hard was the stroke of that stick that I fell unconscious. So that’s my first experience with the opposite sex……she laughs…….

Men are like that ….my first experience with that hasn't changed … [laughs!] Well! I have been in relationship however; I have not had any bitter experiences though. What I would want in a man in real….Like in the movie,Main Aur Mr Right-which is finding Mr Right… there is a big check list. Undeniably we all want a man to be a perfectionist…he should be good looking, fun loving .Initially while choosing man even if all the boxes in the check list seem to be great, it does not work like that in real. In-spite of possessing all these qualities the person could be wrong. However, a few years back I too expected a lot in a man. Eventually, I have understood that compatibility; chemistry of the two, understanding and above all empathy for each other is what we need to look for.

Adding more she says, I have been in a relationship…I am single right now and being single I can pick up my suitcase and go wherever I want to. I am not ready to mingle with a man though….it’s all me and my work….Surprisingly I am getting a lot of work in the US.

Getting work in the US show, “One Life to Live she says, “My character is the real fighter. She is a real flirt her name is Rama Patel she is married but always has affairs. It's, “One life to live…it’s on YouTube. Another show titled, “Brown Nation” where I am playing a wife. It’s a comedy I am a struggling actor. I get married to an American thinking Oh! My God I will go there and become an actor. But he is not living in the US he belongs to, New Jersey…. He is not living in my hat ….it’s funny…next year I am doing as how for …Central US. A Daily show with John Steward ….it's produced by him.

I just went on a vacation to the US in 2010-and I auditioned for, "One life to live” and I was selected for it. Usually, I frequently visit India as well as the US for work. I prefer working both in India as well as abroad.- laughs and says the only difference working in the US is -I always get paid in the US…I do not get my cheque here in India. But people here are more forgiving here in India. Over there if you do something wrong you are fired. I like working in both's great though it’s weird that I am getting more work in the US than here. I feel you, in life whatever is in your destiny you get that. I never even thought I would be working in America. My show OLTL….got cancelled and as I was preparing to return to India while I was all set to sell the last piece of my furniture I get a call…guess what? Last minute I got a phone call. I was offered to work for this Comedy central…it’s both writing and acting this will begin next year in Jan, 2015. Things have been going pretty well on par with my career here as well as abroad.Touch-wood I don’t even want to talk about it …as I feel it could get Jinxed.

On her philosophy, “One life – My philosophy is to live it up with whatever possibly you can as long as you are not hurting anyone else.

Shehnaz misses India a lot, Well I want to do good work which I am getting abroad. I do miss India a lot…I miss the Indian food a lot. The Thali ….I also miss the Indian warmth and comfort seriously. We do not get the warmth in the US or other foreign Countries….Nobody comes forward to help you. For example I go back there and I have a big suitcase and have to carry onto the top of the room all by myself. But in India if our neighbour sees me carrying my luggage, he will definitely come forward and help me. I do get homesick I have amazing opportunity work wise it’s great there,however, I miss India. I am getting more work there it’s really strange ….I am getting less work here and more work.

Last but not the least Shenaz Treasuryvala is open to marry a man from anywhere from across the globe I would not care for marrying an Indian man only…He could be anyone from any part of the Globe…But he should be a man who would do things on his own for the family, if I had to tell him to do things than that’s not fine. Laughs…I will never be a nig-nagging wife as I follow the policy of “Live and let Live.” He should not be having any ego issues though.

By Lipika Varma

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