Sardaar Gabbar Singh Review: A crude joke

Sardaar Gabbar Singh Review: A crude joke

Every star goes through this: The itch to take on a role that is larger than life. Tollywood is replete with examples of the stars who bank on scripts that believe in excesses.

Every star goes through this: The itch to take on a role that is larger than life. Tollywood is replete with examples of the stars who bank on scripts that believe in excesses. They strongly contribute to the idea that nothing succeeds like excess. Power star Pawan Kalyan may be different elsewhere but when it comes to scripting films around the persona, he is just the same.

The latest outing scripted by him and a film on which he confessedly worked for over two years shows, if anything, in the length of the film which could have been a recommendable film if cut to half. We have the protagonist who is an orphan who names himself after the famed film of our lore Gabbar (Pawan) who is brought up by Tanikella Bharani.

Summoned by a defeated representative of the feudal lord who has seen good days Raja Hari Narayan (Mukesh Rishi) he comes to Rattanpur a town you could confuse with North Korea and the local Kim Jong–un being Bhairav Singh (Sharad Kelkar).

The fight is thus scripted between Bhairav Singh on the wrong side of law and Gabbar Singh seemingly on the right side of law. We have co-orphan Sambha (Ali) who has grown with Gabbar being his shadow throughout and in the palace we have Madhumita (Urvashi) the Governess and the Minister-in-waiting Shekar Singh (Brahmanandam).

Also joining the cast is the half-sister of the kingdom Gita Rani (Tisca Chopra) who is obviously eyeing the grand palace. There is the local corrupt police officer who is the villain’s payroll Raja Manikyam (Brahmaji). The heiress to all the wealth is Arshi (Kajal Aggarwal).

You don’t have to be a film buff to know that princesses falls in love with the poorly paid but extremely talented policeman and the bone of contention between the law breaking police man Gabbar and the law defying local dictator Bhairav. The script now moves from one clichéd scene to another for romance, love, thrills, comedy and conflict with the villain and for the feigned high voltage drama etc.

What should a film of such flimsy pretensions offer? Nothing, yet plenty. It all depends where you see this all from. On the one hand you have frenzied fans defying the 40 plus weather to ensure their date with the star. On the other you have a hollow script that is brazen about lack of sensitivity or sensibility. On one hand you have guys whistling their lungs off and on the other you have the connoisseur cringing.

Every once in a while when you make up your mind to steal a nap the music goes loud to indicate that the lead pair are in a mood for a romantic number with their wardrobe in display. When you are getting used to the said rhythm and revert to the idea of a nap you have gun shots and blood splash. One thing, however, all the violence notwithstanding, is that it does not generate a sense of nausea since it is so exaggerated.

The inbuilt grotesque saves the day. As does Pawan Kalyan. Obviously with a script that is tailor-made for him, including the pitfalls! Everything here is designer wear for the power star and he glides through the role with his pulse steadily addressing his fans and none else. Kajal Aggarwal is the glamour quotient and understands what she is required to deliver.

Sharad Kelkar musters just a tad of negativity to carry on with the script. The law officer of ‘Rocky Handsome’ is out there showcasing his skill sets by being on the wrong side of the law. The rest have nothing much to do. A special mention must be made of how Brahmanandam looks faded and totally out of sync. The film is strongly recommended for PK fans.

Film Name: Sardaar Gabbar Singh

Cast : Pawan Kalyan, Kajal Aggarwal and Mukesh Rishi
Direction : KS Ravindra
Genre : Action-drama
Likes : Pawan
Dislikes : Clichéd

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