2 Countries Review
2 Countries Review

Rating: 2/5 

Comedian turned hero Sunil entered the movie industry by playing comic roles. He began his career as a solo hero with the films like Andala Ramudu and Maryada Ramanna. 

After a point in his career, the actor started facing flops which damaged his market badly. The actor is currently experiencing back to back failures but had hopes on the release of the new movie 2 countries. The film released in the theaters today. Let us check out the review of the film here.


Ullas (Sunil) is a happy go lucky guy who loves to do nothing in life. He always think about making easy money. His aim is to marry a rich girl and settle with her in the USA. In the same manner, he comes across Laya (Manisha Raj) and marries her. Both of them leave for the USA. What happens after Sunil reaches USA with Laya? What problems did he face there? Forms the rest of the story of the movie.


Performances wise, Sunil is not good in this movie as has played a role which he has already played in the past. He did not try anything new or fresh in the movie. His comedy has become routine and it's time he has to take a break and think of story selection and performance. Certainly this is not a come back film for him. 

The new lady Manisha Raj is far from Telugu nativity and she hardly makes any impression with her performance or screen presence. Sanjana who played a role in the movie is decent. Senior Naresh, Raja Ravindra, Prithvi Raj, Srinivas Reddy and others are okay and entertained in their limited parts.

Technical Aspects:

Technically the film is very good. The Cinematography by Sriram Prasad is impressive and he did the right magic with his camera work. He was successful in taking the film into a commercial format. Gopi Sundar has scored the music for the movie and he failed to impress with the audio album but he entertained with the background music. 

N Shankar who is back to the direction after a long time has played a safe game by directing a remake. Had the makers tried making changes to the existing script, it would have made much more sense. But they did not take proper care in changing the script as per Telugu audiences nativity.


Two countries is one of those films that clearly fails to impress. The movie also skips the attention in the first place! Sunil who has been trying to get back to the success form from a long time is going to face a failure once again. 

Those who have seen the Malayalam version can skip and those who wanted to watch Telugu version can also skip without a second thought.