Shailaja Reddy Alludu' pre-release event review

Shailaja Reddy Alludu pre-release event review

The prerelease event of Shailaja Reddy Alludu was held on Sunday evening in Hyderabad Nagarjuna and Nani graced the occasion as main guests To be released on Sept 13, the familycomedy entertainer has been directed by Maruthi and produced by S Naga Vamsi and PDV Prasad

The pre-release event of 'Shailaja Reddy Alludu' was held on Sunday evening in Hyderabad. Nagarjuna and Nani graced the occasion as main guests. To be released on Sept 13, the family-comedy entertainer has been directed by Maruthi and produced by S Naga Vamsi and PDV Prasad.

'King' Nagarjuna said, "Everybody is calling Naga Chaitanya as a 'shailaja reddy alludu'. But he is a grandson of Akkineni Nageswara Rao garu and elder son of Nagarjuna. I have always liked love stories and entertainers with strong women characters in my career. Chaitanya is taking my legacy forward. People think that Chaitanya is a soft guy. But he is also naughty. Maruthi has portrayed it so well in this film. I and Ramya Krishna have acted in many movies. And they were big hits.

She is now Chaitanya's 'Atthamma' in 'SRA'. After 'Baahubali', there is nobody in the country who doesn't know Ramya Krishna. Whichever scene it may be, she carries herself so well. Gopi Sundar is in great form. Despite what happened in Kerala, he has completed his works on 'SRA' with dedication. I wish that Chinababu garu, whose production house is providing livelihoods to many, scores a big hit with 'SRA'. I have watched Maruthi's movies. He knows the pulse fo the mass audience. This film is a laugh riot. Maruthi knows best where to have the fights, songs, etc."

Nag said that, last month, two of his dearest people passed away. "I used to call Harikrishna garu 'Anna'. He died on my birthday and when I came to know about it, I was at a loss to understand what to make out of it! Ravindar Reddy (Akkineni fans association president) is the other person. He used to be at the forefront of every single event related to our family films," the 'Devadas' actor said.

Natural Star Nani said, "There are two reasons why I have attended this function. If Maruthi and his team are one reason, the other reason is that I am missing Nagarjuna garu ever since the shooting of 'Devadas' was over. I am jealous of Chaitanya. It's because I can gauge how much he must have enjoyed while shooting for 'SRA'. Maruthi garu is an entertaining person. And his films are always entertaining. Naga Vamsi, this film's producer, was my classmate. I and Chaitanya had started our careers around the same time. In the previous generation, Nagarjuna garu used to walk away with the best songs. In this generation, it's the turn of his son. Akkineni family heroes are lucky in that respect. I have loved the Teaser and Trailer for 'SRA'. Nagarjuna garu has said that 'SRA' is like an 'Allari Alludu'. We can understand how entertaining the film must be. Anu Emmanuel was introduced as the heroine with 'Majnu'. I wish her and the entire team all the best."

Akkineni Akhil said, "Maruthi garu has got the right hero at the right time. He got married only recently. As soon as he got married, his face started glowing! 'Emundra babu maa annayya' is what I am thinking seeing the trailer. I am waiting for the movie. I feel this one will be a big hit like Allari Alludu."

Naga Chaitanya said, "Akkineni fans are my biggest strength. In return for the love that you shower on us, you seek only a hit from us. I will keep the fans in mind before doing every film from now. I promise that I will make you people proud. Maruthi garu has made a superb film. More than me, it's he who knows best what the audience wants. He has presented me with a new body language and energy. I thank him for that. Naga Vamsi and PDV Prasad garu gave me 'Premam' a couple of years ago. And now, it's 'SRA'. I hope this journey of ours will go on. Ramya Krishna madam gave us support throughout. Maruthi garu narrated the story to me keeping her in mind. But for her, this film wouldn't have come out this well. Anu will reach greater heights. After 'Premam', Gopi Sundar has given me one more nice album. Cinematographer Nizar Shafi, senior Naresh garu, Prudhvi and all have done a nice job."

Maruthi said, "Akkineni fans will see Naga Chaitanya the way they have always wanted to see him. With the support they gave me, I have made this film well. With this film, Chaitanya is a Yuva Samrat. I am giving him this tag. 'SRA' is not a typical Attha vs Alludu story that we used to see in the 90s. It's a new story. From the cinematographer to Gopi Sundar, everybody has made it all the more entertaining. I have grown up watching Ramya Krishna garu's movies. I am very happy to have worked with her. Anu has done full justice to her role. Chatainya is a close friend now. Our bond goes beyond the professional one. I thank the producers for making this movie without compromising anywhere."

Ramya Krishna said, "This film is going to arrive like a big festival. Naga Chaitanya will entertain you as a naughty Naga Chaitanya. I thank the prdocuers and the director."

Anu Emmanuel said, "It was very comfortable to work with Chaitanya. I have learned many things from Ramya Krishna garu. She used to inspire me a lot. I thank everybody for all the support."

Senior Naresh said, "'SRA' is an entertaining movie. It will entertain the audience of all centres. Maruthi garu has a style of his won. He has given me a nice role in the movie. Chaitanya approaches every scene with sincerity."

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