A Facebook group that promotes poetry

A Facebook group that promotes poetry

Facebook, the social media platform of the era is also being used to share our emotions on social issues and even personnel emotions.

Vizianagaram: Facebook, the social media platform of the era is also being used to share our emotions on social issues and even personnel emotions. Youth, mostly college going, technocrats and many more professionals are using the social media website to spread their ideas, ideologies and their agony too.

The like minded people are coming into a group and are giving chorus to the poems making poetry again a thing to consider. But unlike the others a special group is formed in Facebook only to promote poetry and to encourage upcoming poets. Senior poet Yakoob has started the
Kavisangamam group in Facebook in 2012 and started posting poetry on various issue. Gradually the number in the group started growing and reached more than 4500.

Students, doctors, software professionals, advocates and many more professionals who have passion for poetry have joined the group and started posting small poetry in the Face book group. The group frequently conducts meetings with poets young and old and discusses various topics and the poetry written by the group members.

The new poets can seek advises from the seniors and can improve their skills in the presence of the seniors. Junior poets can feel the sweetness and fragrance of poetry under the guidance of seniors. The poets meet once in every two months at Golden Threshold, own house of great poet Sarojini Naidu in Hyderabad and conduct Kavisangamam there.

Now-a-days the people do not have time nor are they interested in poetry. They like to spend time on internet and chatting with friends. But after the formation of this group, people who have enthusiasm over the writing and love over the letters and words are joining the group and nurturing their skills. Even they are uploading the entire programme on YouTube for the benefit of others who could not attend the programme.

The group conducts poetry festival every year and invites popular poets from other languages and conducts Kavisangamam and honours them. Benzin Tsundue, a Tibetan poet attended the programme organised in January 2016 and applaud the team for promoting poetry.

Even poets from other languages also were invited to participate in annual poetry festivals organised by Kavisangamam. Subhodh Circar (Bengal), Seethamshu Chandra (Gujarat), Laxman Dune(Sindhi), Cheran Rudramurthy(Srilanka), Salma (Tamil) and Mamata Sagar (Kannada) are some of the poets who came to Hyderabad to participate in annual summit and appreciated the group for encouraging new poets and poetry.

Yakoob, popular poet, organiser of the group said “We publish books comprising poetry written by our group members. This is a dais for the writers who are interested to transform their emotions into words. Of course some may earn lakhs of rupees by his profession but he enjoys more here by writing poems. We are happy to run this organisation with the support of young poets. Membership in our group is increasing.

I feel proud to run and encourage the group and promote literature” he said. Portia Devi, an advocate at High Court and an upcoming poet, who participates in the monthly Kavisangamam programme at Golden Threshold said “I am busy with my clients and cases. But I feel relief and enjoy my time with the other poets from all over AP and other states. We share our views on various issues and transform them into words. Yakoob garu is encouraging the upcoming writers and guiding us,” she said.

Not only advocates, even doctors, teachers, software professionals and students also involve in the programme and learning how to weave poetry by learning the art of juggling words. Pusyami Sagar (short film maker, actor) Virinchi (doctor) Rajaram Tumicharla (school principal) Ibrahim Nirgun (teacher) and students like Mithil, Rajesh and many others are active participants of this group.

As a part of by monthly Kavisangamam, the group is organising the next programme on December 10, at Golden Threshold, Hyderabad and poets like M Venkat, Siddartha, Portia Devi and Ashok will participate and present their new poetry.

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