MBA: More job opportunities and bright career

MBA: More job opportunities and bright career


Which course would provide a good future? This is a question that always lingers in the mind of the parents and students who are about to complete their graduation and thinks about the course they choose to join at post graduation level and provide them a bright career. There are plenty of courses in the market and many more courses have been offering by the universities depending up on the requirement of the job market. We have also seen that some of the courses have become very popular during some particular time period and became out dated and completely disappear from the courses of the universities.
Though there are many courses in the market and several new courses offered in the universities but the security about the student’s future and the craze that the MBA course generates among the parent and student community is not decreasing.
MBA is a course that really provides plenty of job opportunities to the students not only in the private sector but also in the government sector.
MBA HR, finance, marketing are the traditional specializations offered by the universities. These courses have a good demand and provide job opportunities in the market. The student who does MBA HR have a opportunity to work as a junior HR executive at the entry level with a pay package of minimum three to five lakhs will be offered per annum. The salary package for a student from a premier institute is not at all comparable.
MBA finance offers job opportunity as financial analyst, in financial institutions, banks, housing finance, investment banking, merchant banking, credit rating agencies etc.
MBA marketing offers attractive jobs in the field of marketing to the youth who are energetic and dynamic to move across the market for promoting sales of their companies. The marketing graduate can be observed in the market by insurance companies, banks, manufacturing companies, service sector etc. Apart from salaries, lucrative incentives are offered to the marketing executive. There are plenty of opportunities available in retail sector for the youngsters who did MBA marketing.
There are more or less equal opportunity is available for all the three specializations in the market. All the three specialized persons are required in every sector and in every organization.
Apart from these specializations other specializations were also offered by the universities such as MBA IT, MBA Banking and insurance, pharmacy management, logistics management etc. These courses are providing bright career prospects to the students.
MBA not only provides opportunities in the private sector but also provides opportunities in the public sector such as specialist posts for MBA graduates in the banking industry. There are opportunities for the students in customs and excise department who did MBA logistics management.
Thus MBA provides plenty of job opportunities and career prospects to the students with wide range of options.
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