Entrepreneurial ideas shared and worked upon ‘Lean’ way

Entrepreneurial ideas shared and worked upon ‘Lean’ way

Entrepreneurial ideas shared and worked upon ‘Lean’ way. Hyderabad recently witnessed a workshop for startups conducted by Lean Startup Machine.

Hyderabad recently witnessed a workshop for startups conducted by Lean Startup Machine. It was based on the methodologies proposed by Eric Ries who pioneered Lean Startup. During the three-day workshop which was held from June 6-8, the participants not only got to learn how to build their startup quickly but also got to experience it in real time by talking to real customers to validate on what they plan to build. The workshop saw around 80 participants.

They pitched 35 ideas on day one and with a simple voting process 14 of them got selected and teams of five-six members were formed. Day two witnessed 90 per cent partnership where more than 10 mentors from Hyderabad who are practicing lean ideologies in their startups were present and gave valuable insights to each team. First task of the participants was to get out of the building and talk to potential customers and validate/invalidate their idea. They went to Inorbit Mall and could manage to talk to people easily. Some participants went all over to a Golf Course just to talk to golfers who were their only customers. Pivots, changes in plans, insights and all lead to another session of getting out and now collecting snapshots of currency from people who were willing to buy their products.

Day two also witnessed an amazing and insightful session by Arpit Mohan of GharPay which recently got acquired. Arpit shared minute details of how they built their startup, faked some ideas, changed directions multiple times and became successful. The last day was crucial as participants had to showcase their learning from what they have been doing for the past two days.

They split into groups here a few worked on their Javelin Boards and others were out there for another round of validation through real customers.

Mentors at Lean Startup Machine Hyderabad included Ramesh Loganathan, S Vijay Venkatesh, Venkata Sashank, Hasan Ali Khan, Ram Nukkati, Ravi Korukonda, Ravi Devulapally, Murali Bukkapatnam, Srinivas Kollipara, Santosh Yellajosula, Hemanth Satyanarayana and others.

10000 startups also announced $500 credits for all participants and TiE Hyderabad chose two top teams along with the number one team which showcased the best learning from LSM Hyderabad.

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